Multi-Year Development in Forest Park Southeast, Cortex, and the Central West End

June 19, 2018 in Central West End, Development, Forest Park Southeast, The Grove

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Over the past 5 years extensive development has occurred in the neighborhoods surrounding the Washington University Medical Center. The Grove, and the Central West End are main centers of entertainment and night life for the St. Louis Region, and Cortex is emerging as the regional hub for technology and entrepreneurship. This multi-year report highlights the past growth and current projects happening in our region.

2016 Developer Showcase Highlights The FPSE & CWE Neighborhoods

May 9, 2016 in Central West End, CWE NSI, Development, Forest Park Southeast, Park Central CDC, The Grove

The following post is from: Forest Park Southeast – WUMCRC

Last week, development professionals gathered in the CORTEX Innovation District for a night of networking and celebration of phenomenal building activity occurring in the Forest Park Southeast and Central West End neighborhoods. Over $1.5 billion has occurred or is underway collectively in both neighborhoods. Several developers were on hand to highlight their specific projects. The 3rd Annual Developer Showcase was a huge success.

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The night was also a wonderful learning experience for developers. Hannah Curtain from Park Central Development discussed the FPSE and CWE Form Based Plans. Dale Ruthsatz from the St. Louis Development Corporation discussed city incentive programs for development. Jim Whyte, the CWE Neighborhood Security Initiative Executive Director, talk about the importance of having a great neighborhood safety infrastructure in place to protect the gains made by the significant level of investment in the neighborhood and individual developers,Sean Spencer and Austin Barzantny, spoke about their experiences developing in the area. Mike Sullivan and Beth Letscher  from the CORTEX Innovation Community discussed the fast pace of development within the district and highlighted some soon to be completed projects, including the Tech Shop space. WUMC Community Development Manager, Samantha Royston, discussed additional development opportunities within the area. Tower Grove CDC Executive Director Sean Spencer discussed the importance of continuing development within and adjacent to these neighborhoods.


A comprehensive list of projects in both neighborhoods can be found here Neighborhood Projects Nine projects were highlighted with informative posters at the event. The projects highlighted include both large and small projects happening in the area. Here they are:


      Restoration St. LouisRestoration St. Louis

Commercial & Residential Historic Rehab in FPSE

Opus Development

OpusMixed Use Mid-Rise in the CWE


Adams Grove Development ProfileAffordable Scattered Site Project in FPSE

Mangrove Development

Mangrove Developer ProfileHistoric Rehab in FPSE

Rothschild Development

Rothschild 4534 Olive RC (2)Mixed Use in the CWE


UICModern Infill and Industrial Reuse in FPSE & Botanical Heights

Grove Properties

Austin Grove PropertiesModern Mixed-Use Infill in the CWE

CORTEX Innovation Community

Cortex Developer ProfileDistrict Wide Development

Lawrence Group

Lawrence group eoc posterMixed-Use Innovation Community in Midtown

Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Spotlight on Carole Anne von Eschen

February 22, 2016 in Forest Park Southeast, Resident Spotlight

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Carole Anne Von Eschen is a 35-year resident of the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood and is the Block Captain on the 4400 block of Arco. In her words, she describes her experience as a block captain and FPSE resident. For more information about the Block Captain Program in FPSE, please contact Ashley Johnson, Community Development at the Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation at (314) 747-2336 or at

DSC02907In your opinion, how has the Block Captain Program positively impacted FPSE?
The Block Captain Program has increased safety and the sense of security in the community. And it’s helped to make people more aware of the Neighborhood Association and to establish better information-sharing and direct contact between residents and the alderman and development community.

What kinds of activities have you gotten involved with as a block captain?
It’s mainly just getting to know your neighbors and introducing people to groups so they can get involved in different activities going on the neighborhood. It’s someone for you to go to when something happens or to ask about things in the neighborhood. In 2014, we organized a block party before GroveFest so people could walk to the festival together, but mainly it’s just listening, sharing information, and connecting neighbors in the community.

Would you recommend becoming a block captain to other residents?
Of course! I’m always inviting people to get involved as a block captain and with the Neighborhood Association. When people are more aware of the network of block captains and the Neighborhood Association, they can get a better sense of connections in the community and a sense of safety.

What are your favorite things about living in FPSE?
Proximity to Forest Park and the schools and universities has been great, but really, it’s our relationships with our neighbors. I’ve been here for 35 years, and raised my two kids here in the neighborhood. It’s been very important to me to be a part of a neighborhood where people are really working together to build a stronger community. We stayed here through the hard times because our neighbors are invested in building a sense of trust in each other and a better life for everyone in the community. Living here through the challenging times opened up the world to my children and made them better people in the world today.

What would be your vision for FPSE in ten years?
It would be that people in the neighborhood are interacting and participating in a community with each other. It’s not about the buildings. It’s about whether you’re building a community together. It’s important to me that we preserve the diversity in FPSE, because it is so vital for our world that we experience and grow from diversity with each other.


2015 Year in Review

February 22, 2016 in Central West End, Forest Park Southeast, The Grove CID, WUMCRC News

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The Washington University Medical Center semi-annual newsletter is now available. In this edition, your find an update on several of the major projects on and surrounding the campus. 2015 has been an excellent year for the medical center and its surrounding neighborhoods. Click here for the newsletter: 2015 Year in ReviewDSC02592

Meet Danny Jendusa: WUMCRC’s Newest Community Development Intern

November 12, 2015 in community development, Forest Park Southeast, intern, WUMCRC, WUMCRC News

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Danny Jendusa, one of Washington University Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation’s newest community development interns, is currently working on his Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Development at Saint Louis University. Danny is on pace to complete his Master’s degree from SLU in the fall of 2016. Originally from St. Louis, Danny completed his undergraduate degree at Saint Louis University.

As the Community Development Intern, Danny’s responsibilities include updating various databases, including the FPSE Real estate database and the Residential Sale in FPSE database, contributing work to the mid-year report and the yearly review for WUMCRC, and working closely with the Safe Block Program. Danny also assists with numerous other duties, such as special events and the Holiday Outreach program.

When Danny isn’t working to better the community, he enjoys running and biking. Danny also recently became a Block Captain for the 4500 block of Swan.


WUMCRC: “What are some advantages to working in FPSE?”

Danny: “The people are great in both the organization, [WUMCRC], and the community. It’s an exciting place to get to work in community development in St. Louis.

WUMCRC: “What do you enjoy most about living in St. Louis?”

Danny: “There are a lot of people here that are genuinely interested in building a better St. Louis, and it’s important to me to get to be a part of a community like that. There is more opportunity to make an impact in St. Louis- opportunity that you don’t have in many other cities.”

WUMCRC: “If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?”

Danny: “I’d like the ability to go back in time, to be like the great Biff Tannen in Back to the Future.”