The full-text version of the FPSE Bylaws is available here.  Below you will find a summary:

Purposes of the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association

  • To provide a neutral forum for the discussion of issues of concern to the Forest Park Southeast community.
  • To provide a place where information can be distributed, perspectives discussed, and community concerns collected and communicated to elected officials and other organizations active in the neighborhood.
  • To encourage and provide tools to Forest Park Southeast residents to play an active role in the neighborhood.
  • To serve as a mechanism for creating and fostering community among Forest Park Southeast stakeholders.

Bylaws Summary

The Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association Bylaws are designed to provide an operating structure for the Association. The goal is to have rules that are clear and explicit enough so that the organization functions efficiently and transparently while maintaining enough flexibility to respond to changing circumstances or new developments.

General Membership:

General membership in the FPSENA is open to:

  • Anyone over 18 years old who lives or owns property within the neighborhood boundaries
  • Businesses/churches/organizations with a location within the neighborhood boundaries (limited to one membership per organization)
  • Payment of dues is required to be a full member with voting privileges and the ability to run for office
  • Dues amount is set by a majority vote of the general membership

General members have the following responsibilities each year:

  • Vote to approve or reject the Election committee (responsible for administering the Board election) each September
  • Vote for Board members each November

General members may also vote on other issues as needed:

  • Removal of a Board member, if necessary
  • Dissolution of a committee, if necessary
  • Other neighborhood issues that may arise.  If a vote is to be taken at an Association meeting, the vote must be announced at the prior meeting to ensure members are made aware well in advance.

The FPSENA Board

There are 5 Board members:  the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Member-at-Large

The Board is required to meet monthly. A quorum of 3 Board members is required. The Board sets its own meeting times, but all meetings are open to the general membership, and meeting minutes will be publicly available.

The FPSENA Board is organized to take care of routine FPSENA business:

  • Prepare meeting agendas
  • Advertise, organize, and run meetings
  • Approve meeting minutes
  • Collect dues, manage FPSENA account, and approve expenditures
  • Distribute information to FPSENA members
  • Administer the FPSENA website

The Board serves as a liaison between the FPSENA and our elected officials and other groups active in the neighborhood.

The Board may also form and appoint members to committees, propose removal of an officer, and schedule special neighborhood meetings as necessary.


  • The bylaws establish a formal mechanism for forming and dissolving committees, with opportunities for input from Board members and the general membership.
  • Committees set their own meeting schedule, but all meetings are open to the general membership, and meeting minutes are publicly available


General Body meetings

  • General Body meetings are held the third Tuesday of the month, but can be rescheduled by a majority vote of the Board provided at least 1 month notice is given to the general membership
  • A quorum of 3 Board members plus 6 general members is required
  • The Board is required to prepare and distribute the meeting agenda to the general membership at least 1 week prior to the meeting
  • Vote to be conducted at a General Body meeting must be advertised at least 1 month in advance except in cases of emergency
  • Provisional minutes will be publicly available within 1 week

Annual meeting

  • The Annual meeting is held each November
  • At the Annual meeting, the election of Board officers occur and a year-end summary of finances is given

Special meetings

  • Special meetings can be called by the Board as needed
  • Special meetings are dedicated to one topic that requires more discussion than can adequately occur in the typical General Body meeting

Board Elections

  • Board elections occur in November
  • An Election Committee is formed in September to organize the election
  • Nominations for Board positions are accepted in September and October
  • Election is by secret ballot


  • A procedure for amending the bylaws is established.
  • Both Board members and general members may offer amendments to the Bylaws.


Ground Rules for Meeting Attendance and Participation

  1. All meetings are open to the public and any participant may speak once recognized
  2. Participants must maintain decorum:
    • Participants should hold all questions until the reports are finished, then raise their hands and wait to be recognized.
    • Participants should not interrupt anyone who has the floor, or otherwise disrupt the meeting.
    • When speaking, participants should abide by the limits set by the neighborhood association and step down when asked to accommodate other speakers
    • Participants should at all times behave themselves with common courtesy and civility, and refrain from the use of abusive, rude, threatening, or crude language
  3. Participants should confine their comments to things germane to the agenda item being discussed.
    • Business not on the agenda shall be discussed during open discussion time and only as time allows
    • Any individual wishing to introduce new business during the open discussion time shall sign-up on the sheet provided or place topic in the “Parking Lot” for inclusion on a future agenda.
  4. Each speaker shall respect all other Participants present.
    • Participants should refrain from engaging in personal oral attacks on either Board Participants, Guest Speakers, or fellow Association Participants.
    • Participants should refrain from using other’s names when speaking and must address all remarks to the meeting chair.
  5. The President shall act as meeting facilitator but may designate the responsibility to another board member as needed.
  6. Each neighborhood association Member (having paid their annual dues) shall receive one vote, there will be no voting by proxy, and the results of all votes shall be public unless otherwise stipulated in the bylaws.
  7. The board reserves the right to determine the best means of taking a general Membership vote with the goal of accuracy and fairness.