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Block Captain Application

January 16, 2018 in Current News by fpsesafety

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Apply to be a block captain today! Simply download and fill out the attached form and email it to Or, you can print it off and either mail it to us or drop it off at 4400 Chouteau Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110. We’re always looking for more people to help us make communities better.

Block Captain Flyer Fill Out

Block Captain Flyer


January 10, 2018 in Crime Tips, internet, passwords, websites by fpsesafety

The following post is from: Safety & Security

How long has it been since you changed your passwords?

Unless you work in an industry where cyber security is a top priority, the typical person should change their passwords every 180 days or about twice a year.

Why should I change my passwords?

The internet has become a hub for just about everything. You can stay in contact with friends and family, exchange information with coworkers and employers, order electronics, buy groceries, and more. Websites most people use include Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix. All of these websites store personal information, such as full names, home and workplace addresses, phone numbers, and bank account information. Leaving this information vulnerable online can leave you vulnerable.

What is a good password?

A good password is a mixture of a bunch of variables. You need to be able to remember it or store it somewhere safe. Safe locations to store a password include written on paper in a locked drawer or secure location, a password vault app, and an encrypted file. It is not safe to store passwords on your computer in a text document, on a sticky note by your computer, or a digital notepad on your phone.

A good password is not a word or phrase you use frequently, shorter than 8 characters (letters, numbers, or symbols), and all the same capitalization. Do not include the word “password” in your password. Good passwords have 8 or more characters, and are a mixture of capital letters, lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

You can also make your password numerous words long if words are easier for you to remember than a stream of characters. If you have trouble coming up with a new, unique password, simply search for a “strong password generator” on your preferred search engine. There are many free websites that will provide you with a random selection of characters.

Here are some examples of a good password:

  • mr4AX9ZjAq
  • #XuxmQv9F9
  • *Wolf1Confuse2Division3House4!
  • TokyoJack#Skype@56

Notice that some of these password examples are gibberish and others contain English. If you know a second language, you can use a combination of English and non-English words or only use non-English. If you use non-English, it’s still important to use a variety of characters.

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Adams Grove Development Accepting Applications

December 21, 2017 in affordable, Forest Park Southeast, grove, housing, Rise Community Development, st louis by Gelinda

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Rise Community Development is now accepting applications to its affordable housing development, Adams Grove, located in the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood south of Manchester.  There will be 50 units combining town homes and apartments built with high quality materials.

Income qualifications can be found here, and the application is here.

For more details, or for where to send your application, contact:
ND&S Management Company, LLC
Park East Leasing Office
4471 Arco Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63110
(314) 533 – 2289


Adams Grove is a 50-home affordable housing development in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood.  The scattered site development in the City of St. Louis features homes available along Vista, Norfolk, and Swan Avenues. Built using Enterprise Green Communities standards, the modern townhomes and apartments will feature energy efficient designs, open floor plans, large windows, on-site parking and appliances. Currently known for its cultural institutions, burgeoning restaurant & bar scenes, quaint shops and clothing boutiques, the Forest Park Southeast community beckons residents and visitors alike to explore and enjoy all aspects of this area. Waiting list opening in November 2017!

Adams Grove is developed by Rise Community Development.

Altman-Charter Company – General Contractor

Trivers Associates – Architect

Arial view of construction


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by Gelinda

FPSE Development Committee Meeting Tuesday, 11/28

November 21, 2017 in Development, Forest Park Southeast, grove by Gelinda

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The Forest Park Southeast Development Committee is having its next meeting on Tuesday, November 28 at 5:30 pm at the Park Central Development office located at 4512 Manchester Ave.  The agenda and presentation can be found below.  All meetings are open to the public.

801 S. Vandeventer

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by Adam

Last FPSE Neighborhood Association Meeting of the Year

November 15, 2017 in Uncategorized by Adam

FPSE Neighborhood Association General Meeting
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
6:45 pm – 7:45 pm
Adam’s Park – Boy’s and Girl’s Club
4317 Vista Ave

Tentative Agenda

  • 6:45 Meeting called to order, Sarah
  • 6:46 Introductions, Adam
  • 6:50 Treasurer Update, Esther
  • 6:55 Call for Membership
  • 7:00 Reading of the Bylaws
  • 7:10 Voting
  • 7:20 Announcements
  • 7:35 Voting Results
  • 7:45 Adjourn



  • FPSE-NA voice mailbox (314) 896-3722. Please leave a message if you wish to contact the Board.


  • “Like” us on Facebook to receive up-to-date information regarding meetings and neighborhood announcements.

  • November Social Hour:  Following the November meeting we will have a ‘Social Hour’ at the Gramophone, 4243 Manchester Avenue.  All are welcome to join!