Transit Safety and Security

Today marks another day of progress for the St. Louis Metrolink system, as the Cortex station opened to the public for the first time this morning.  This new station will increase access to the Cortex district, an area that has been growing rapidly in recent years as companies open up offices and add new jobs.  […]

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Lead Exposure in St. Louis and FPSE

“Flint still doesn’t have clean water!” We’ve probably all heard this phrase before, and it continues to ring true today.  In 2014, the City of Flint, MI, found itself in an unenviable crisis—its water had become poisoned with lead after the city switched its water source and political leaders failed to heed warnings from experts […]

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Staying Safe in the Summer Heat

If there’s one thing consistently on the minds of every St. Louis resident right now, it has to be this summer heat!  Here in St. Louis, we are truly *blessed* to be at the meteorological crossroads of scorching Midwestern temperatures and muggy southeastern humidity. ^We’ve probably all been in a conversation like this at some […]

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