By publishing our fiscal year report, we aim to make our measured impact on the programs, projects and neighborhoods surrounding medical campus accessible. This report is a tool that holds us accountable, and also helps us highlight our success when partnering with and supporting the communities we live in. The FY 2019-2020 cycle was extremely productive, despite the disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. By expanding our role in the neighborhoods along the Delmar corridor, we were able to strengthen our relationships with community leaders and stakeholders.  

On page two of the report, our Executive Director, Brian Phillips notes other specific successes of the past fiscal year:  

“…the Euclid North and South Community Improvement Districts are planning major infrastructural upgrades along the corridor that will enhance the pedestrian experience and maintain the competitiveness of the districts for years to come. In Forest Park Southeast, development continues are breakneck pace…[and] our annual Holiday Outreach was a huge success, surpassing fundraising records which allowed us to assist area families and seniors.” 

– Brian Phillips, Executive Director WUMCRC

The Holiday Outreach program was also officially introduced this year as a partnership with Park Central Development, a local community development corporation. The fundraising efforts provided a strong and inspiring response to the pandemic crisis. Specific highlights of the program will be outlined in a future blog post, and the success of this year will serve as a high standard for future efforts.  

The report includes real estate updates, results of each program including Live Near Your Work, technical assistance efforts, and more. For your convenience, below is a brief table of contents to direct you to a section of particular interest.  

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