Whether you’re new to the area or have been here for a while, this list of contacts for Forest Park Southeast & Kings Oak will help you get in touch with somebody who can help you.

Emergency Resources


Forest Park Southeast and Kings Oak neighborhoods fall within the Second District of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, and our neighborhood meetings are often attended by our district’s Neighborhood Liaison Officer, Officer Nicole Walker. You can contact her for any crime questions or concerns.

  • Officer Walker
  • (314) 444-0107
  • ncwalker@slmpd.org

For emergencies (meaning anything that is happening right now)

  • 911

Non-emergency number

  • (314) 231-1212

Non-Emergency Services

Mental Health Resources

Shelter Resources

Youth Resources

Substance Abuse Resources

Domestic Violence Resources

Other Community Resources

City Services

Citizens’ Service Bureau

For common problems you may have with city services, the best course of action is to contact the Citizen’s Services Bureau. They’ll handle issues such as potholes, street lights not working, dumpsters overflowing, etc. 

Neighborhood Improvement Specialist 

For more involved problems you may have, such as a problem property, work with our Neighborhood Improvement Specialist, Ron Coleman. 

  • Ron Coleman
  • (314) 657-1361
  • ColemanRon@stlouis-mo.gov 

Street Cleaning

Streets are cleaned once a month. If you park a car on the street, you’ll be required to move it before the street is cleaned, or you’ll very likely get a parking ticket. There are signs along the street specifying when your street will be cleaned.

St. Louis Collector of Revenue

The Collector of Revenue’s office is responsible for collecting real estate and personal property taxes, water-refuse bills, and earnings and payroll taxes for the City of St. Louis. Many these bills can be paid through Pay It St. Louis. See their FAQ page if you have any questions: https://stl-help.payitgov.com/hc/en-us

St. Louis Parking Violation Bureau

Parking tickets issued by the City of St. Louis must be paid within 30 days of issuance to avoid additional fees. Information on ticket status, tow status, and how to contest a ticket is available by calling the Parking Violations Bureau at (314) 627-2232. Phone hours are 7:30 am to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Elected Officials


The Board of Aldermen is the legislative body of the City of St. Louis and creates, passes, and amends local laws, as well as approves the City’s budget every year. There are currently 14 alderpeople, one from each ward in the City and a President. Forest Park Southeast & Kings Oak are in the 9th Ward. 

  • Michael Browning
  • (314) 622-3287
  • browningm@StLouis-Mo.gov

State Senator | District 4

  • Karla May
  • (573) 751-6800
  • karla.may@senate.mo.gov

State Representatives

Depending on where you live within our Forest Park Southeast or King Oak, your State Representative may be one of two people. To find your, enter your address here and have the check box turned on next to “Contacts and Elected Officials.”

District 79

  • LaKeySha Bosley
  • (573) 751-6800
  • LaKeySha.Bosley@house.mo.gov
  • Site

District 79

  • Kimberly Ann-Collins
  • (573) 751-1400
  • KimberlyAnn.Collins@house.mo.gov
  • Site

U.S. Representative

  • Cori Bush
  • (314) 955-9980

U.S Senators

  • Eric Schmitt
  • Thomas F. Eagleton US Courthouse, 111 South 10th Street, Suite 23.305, St. Louis, MO 63102
  • 314-230-7263
  • Josh Hawley
  • 111 South 10th Street, Suite 23.360, St. Louis, MO 63102
  • 314-354-7060

Register to Vote & Find Your Polling Place

The St. Louis Board of Elections handles all voter registrations. Look there to find the method most convenient for you.


Ameren (electric)

  • Billing: (866) 268-3729
  • Downed power lines: (800) 552-7583
  • Customer service: (800) 552-7583
  • Site

St. Louis Water Water Division

  • Billing: (314) 622-4179
  • Open hydrants or running water: (314) 771-4880
  • Customer service: (314) 771-2255
  • Site

Spire (natural gas)

  • Billing: (800) 887-4173
  • Report a gas leak: (800) 887-4173
  • Customer service: (800) 887-4173
  • Site

Metropolitan Sewer District

  • Billing: (866) 281-5737
  • Customer service: (314) 768-6260
  • Site

St. Louis Refuse Division (trash, recycling, yard waste & bulk pick-up)

The City of St. Louis Refuse Division provides for all disposal in the City. You will either have dumpsters in your alley or be provided with a roll cart for street pickup. Trash bins are grey, recycle bins are blue, and compost bins are green. Make sure you do not lean anything against the dumpsters or overfill them as they will not be picked up.

Please do NOT put plastic bags in the recycling dumpsters.

Bulk items are picked up at 6 a.m. on the 3rd Monday of the month.

(Place up to 3 items behind your house, 3 to 4 feet from dumpster the day before scheduled pick up)

Residents that have curbside collection should place their bulk items at the curb. If bulk items are set out other than the designated time you are subject to a fine – as much as $500. Bulky items include household furniture, appliances, oil from motor vehicles, car batteries, tires, yard or building refuse (shingles, logs, plaster, etc). Refrigerator doors must be removed. No container or bundle may weigh over 100 lbs., be over 6 ft. long, or be over 2 ft. in diameter.  You can always find out when your bulk pickup is using the St. Louis Address Lookup Site.

  • Billing: (314) 622-4179
  • Customer service (CSB): (314) 622-4800
  • Site

Neighborhood Organizations

Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association

The Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association is an apolitical forum for Forest Park Southeast & Kings Oak community members to discuss issues of concern. The form is used to distribute information, discuss perspectives, collect community concerns, and communicate to elected officials and other government and non-government entities within the City of St. Louis. The Association encourages and provides tools to Forest Park Southeast and Kings Oak residents to play an active role in the neighborhood, and serves as a medium through which Neighborhood stakeholders can participate in decision making that affects the life and community of its residents. We serve as a mechanism for creating and fostering community among Forest Park Southeast and Kings Oak stakeholders.

Meetings are every third Tuesday of the month at 6:45pm, currently held at Missouri Foundation for Health at 5254 Vista Ave, and via Zoom: bit.ly/FPSENAZoom.

Park Central Development

Park Central Development administers many services within our neighborhoods, including the Stay in Place Program, a financial assistance program offering assistance for mortgages, utilities, food, minor home repairs and more.

Park Central also administers two neighborhood committees:

Infrastructure Committee

The committee is responsible for recommending how Ward Capital be spent to promote quality residential and commercial infrastructure and plan for future infrastructure of the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. Residents, property owners, and employees of a business within the neighborhood may apply. Apply here.

You can stay up to date with the Infrastructure Committee here.

  • 4th Tuesday of each month @ 5:30pm at 4512 Manchester Ave. Ste. 101

Development Committee

Join the Development Review Committee and advocate for neighborhood-positive developments in the FPSE neighborhood! This includes the review of proposals where the city would like neighborhood input – including conditional uses, variances, tax abatement, and acquisition of City-owned land. The committee is looking for a minimum of 9 members including residents, property owners, and employees of a business within the neighborhood. Apply here.

You can stay up to date with the Development Committee here.

  • fpsedevelopmentreview@gmail.com
  • Meets 4th Tuesday of each month @ 6:30pm at 4512 Manchester Ave. Ste. 101

The Grove CID

The Grove Community Improvement District is tasked with strengthening and fostering an active business, entertainment, and residential community.

The CID was established in 2009 to improve the area’s safety and appearance. Today, it is run by an 11-member Board of Directors, made up of property owners and/or business operators within the district with a purpose of funding and managing services and projects within the district. Examples of this include providing security, cleaning initiatives, providing additional off-street parking, marketing the businesses within the CID, funding special events, and promoting business retention and development.

All of this is facilitated with money collected from special assessments on properties in the district and an additional 1% sales tax collected on all retail sales (approved by the registered voters residing the in District).

The CID has various committees, which meet on a monthly basis. Meetings are open to the public. You can find their agendas and meeting minutes here.