In 2014, Park Central staff worked closely with the Forest Park Southeast (FPSE) community to complete a FPSE Neighborhood Plan and Vision document that will improve the general welfare, experiential quality, perceptions, identity, safety, livability, and quality of life for all the residents in Forest Park Southeast. The specific goals defined by the community during this neighborhood planning process included a desire to:

  • preserve the area’s historical character;
  • establish walkable streets and high-quality public spaces;
  • increase transit access and mobility;
  • improve management of vehicular circulation and parking;
  • increase neighborhood stability and social equity;
  • increase business diversity and employment opportunities;
  • expand daytime activities and programming for all ages;
  • and increase safety measures and reduce crime.

Many institutional developments and neighborhood assets, like the Grove and the new IKEA on Vandeventer, has made Forest Park Southeast a more desirable location for residents and businesses. As we move forward with our revitalization efforts, and build on the existing development and beautification efforts found throughout the neighborhood, there are a number of changes that are being proposed to the City’s SLUP. Most of the proposed changes to the land use categories occur at the perimeter of the study area along Vandeventer, Kingshighway, Manchester and the area bordering I-64. The proposed changes will help create more community development changes that are a reflection of where the Forest Park Southeast community envision their neighborhood achieving in in the next five years.

SLUP Amendment 14

The proposed changes to the SLUP are highlighted in red boxes and focus specifically in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood. 

For more information on the Proposed Amendment #14 of the Strategic Land Use Plan (SLUP) of the St. Louis Comprehensive Plan, please click on the document below. The City of St. Louis Planning Commission will be holding a Presentation and Public Hearing regarding this Proposed Amendment at its regular meeting on Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 5;30 p.m. at the City of St. Louis Planning and Urban Design Agency, 1520 Market st., Suite 2000.

thumbnail of SLUP-Amendment-14

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