For the past year, the Forest Park Southeast Infrastructure Committee and Park Central Development staff have been working on a project to improve pedestrian safety and accessibility throughout the neighborhood. After conducting various surveys, meeting with members of the City of St. Louis Streets Department and Board of Public Services, and developing a priority list with the Committee, construction of 12 new pedestrian crosswalk ramps has started. This $42,000 infrastructure project is funded through 17th Ward Alderman Joe Roddy’s Capital Ward Fund and will provide critical north-south access on sidewalks throughout Forest Park Southeast. The Infrastructure Committee has identified other critical locations for new sidewalks and will make additional recommendations for their installation as funding becomes available.

chouteau crosswalk

Ramps are being installed at the following corners:
– Boyle and Gibson (SE, NW , SW)
– Boyle and Norfolk (NW)
– Newstead and Gibson (NE, SW)
– Newstead and Swan (NW, SE)
– Taylor and Chouteau (NW)
– Taylor and Oakland (SW)
– Newstead and Oakland (NW, SW)

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