If you haven’t heard, there are a number of residents who want FPSE to have it’s own dog park.  Check out their website!  http://fpsedogpark.wordpress.com/Dog Park

News from the FPSE Dog Park Committee:

We’re going to have a neighborhood block sale to raise money!

“This is a community fundraiser to help residents with Spring cleaning, earn some extra $, & generate funds for the FPSE Dog Park effort.”

Saturday, May 18th

Either donate 10% of your total sales proceeds or pay a $15 entry fee.  The entry fee may be paid by cash or check (Made out to the FPSE Dog Park Committee)  Your donation includes:

• Advertising for the sale (2 newspapers, bulletins and online)

• A sign for your front yard and signage at major intersections

• Your address on a map for all shoppers

To register:   Reply to this form by email to: Shannon@TheAnimalLawGroup.com

Fill out this form and mail or deliver by Wednesday, April 10th to:

FPSE Dog Park Committee
4441 Oakland Avenue
St. Louis, MO.  63110
Attn: Block Sale

Please include the information below:

Contact phone:

What do you have for sale:  (optional)