Defining-Natural-AbilityAt Defining Natural Abilities, the expert staff offers more than a generic workout. Avoiding the common one-size fits all workout, they start each customer with a comprehensive assessment to discover the unique needs of each person. By examining your lifestyle outside of the gym, they pay careful attention to repetitive and every day stress caused by habits and work environments. People who work at computers often roll their shoulders forward. This causes stress on muscles. Those with more physical jobs must pay closer attention to how they stand to avoid straining their back. The staff can also offer post-surgery consultations.

The corrective exercise specialists on staff all have Bachelor’s Degrees and top certifications in the field. Their favorite part of the work is “Getting people happy and healthy. We help people become the strongest version of their self they can be.” They offer one-on-one regimens as well as semi-private instruction. By grouping customers with similar imbalances they can create a mini-class for a targeted approach.

Mike explains that they picked the location in Forest Park Southeast due to its closeness to several other key neighborhoods such as the Hill and Dogtown. Assessments are free so contact them today.