February 2021’s meeting included neighborhood updates from Park Central Development.


Meeting Called to order at 6:49pm (President, Dan Doelling)

FPSE Neighborhood Business 

6:45 – 6:55 pm Announcements (Community) 

  • None

6:55 – 7:00 pm Treasurer’s Report (Steve Chodes

  • Steve set VENMO verification phone number to Steve’s personal number; this will need to be changed after next FPSENA election
  • January 31, 2021: total FPSENA savings account balance is $2,619.33

7:00 – 7:05 pm Crime and Safety Report (Officer Ed Slade) 

  • Officer Ed Slade was absent
  • FPSENA did not receive a report from Officer Slade or WUMCRC this month because the Police Department is updating their software. 

7:05 – 7:10 pm Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Update (Ron Coleman) 

  • Ron Coleman was absent but emailed a request: Please ensure your house number on your rear fence or garage is easily visible for emergency vehicles.
  • Dan Doelling shared catalytic converter theft prevention tips

7:10 – 7:20 pm Park Central Development Update (Alayna & Abdul) 

    • Alayna Graham:
      • Grove CID Updates:
        • CID is still negotiating the “GROVE” sign repairs
        • An RFP is out for pedestrian street light banners
      • Park Central Development: 
        • PCD’s Project Clean Air (HVAC) provides duct cleaning for seniors
        • Emergency utility assistance is available till end of month for residents whose utilities have been shut off.  12 residents have benefitted.
        • GAP: Grove Assault Prevention initiative will give training about consent to all businesses in the Grove.
    • Abdul-Kaba Abdullah:
      • 43 people benefitted PCD’s Rental Assistance program
      • PCD plans $300,000 of CARES Act COVID19 mortgage assistance 
      • No updates on the Arco project; community voiced concern about “bait and switch.”  Roddy & PCDDC denied support.
      • Drury is selling their properties in FPSE.  No proposals from new developers are public yet; a Kingshighway development may not require approval if it fits Form Based Code, but a community engagement process will be required if developments are proposed east of the alley occur.  
        • There are no public plans regarding the WUSTL land; WUSTL may hold land for their own internal purposes.
        • No currently proposed projects will exceed $1 million.  
      • Infrastructure upgrades south of Manchester to be paid for by GreenStreet and a CID, as part of the 3rd phase of a WUSTL’s RFP. https://www.union-stl.com/public
      • Updates from PCD’s Infrastructure Committee:  50K from FPSEDC for sidewalks (due to Ward Capital funds going to the Brickline Greenway)
      • Ronald McDonald House update: it recently caught on fire but doesn’t change any plans for RMCH’s demolition and construction of a new building.  No timeline but the project should move forward in the coming year.
      • No update on former Manchester Market; developer may be attempting to acquire land from Science Center.  A mural has been commissioned for the building.
      • Tower Grove Connector will go down Vandeventer; project will start this year.  
        • There will be a community engagement process, to include residents on Vandeventer.  
        • Abdul sits on a related economic development committee 
      • A spa will open at 4400 Chouteau 
      • The Grove CID will be expanded to include Vandeventer north of Chouteau; the change will include businesses like Raising Canes. 

7:20 – 7:25 pm FPSENA Social Events & Committee (Adam) 

  • Looking for ways to meet neighbors?  Help us plan social events for 2021!  To join our social committee; please email forestparksoutheast@gmail.com

7:25 – 7:35 pm Brainstorm questions to ask candidates for Alderperson & Mayor 

  • If you have questions that you’d like candidates for Alderperson and/or Mayor to answer, please email them to forestparksoutheast@gmail.com
  • Feb 22 at 7pm the Midtown Community Services will have a Alderperson Zoom forum, access via https://www.midtownstl.org

Guest Speakers and Discussion 

7:35 – 7:45 pm Q&A with Board and Neighborhood Representatives

  • This conversation will postponed till next month, March 16h

7:45 PM Adjournment (Dan Doelling

You can listen to the recording of this month’s meeting on Anchor and wherever you listen to your podcasts.

You can download this month’s minutes below.

February 2021 Minutes