The Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association is proposing amendments to the bylaws.

Since early 2020, there have been discussions between the Neighborhood Association, Park Central Development Corporation, and Alderman Roddy about improving communication between organizations and residents – specifically significantly-sized development proposals put in front of the Forest Park Southeast Development Committee. At the time and through present-day, the Neighborhood Association hears that there isn’t enough time for residents to learn about proposed developments and that residents of the community struggle to have their concerns about developments heard. A proposed solution to this is a seat on the FPSE Development Committee chaired by new elected Neighborhood Association member. Over many months of discussions between the Board and general membership, the Board has refined an amendment to the bylaws to account for the proposed Neighborhood Association position and seat on the Forest Park Southeast Development Committee.

Further Background

The goals and values of the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association (FPSE NA) are as follows:

  • To provide a neutral forum for discussions
  • To ensure communication to elected officials and neighborhood organizations,
  • To encourage residents to play an active role in the neighborhood
  • To serve as a mechanism for fostering community.

The current process by which developments are given community support in FPSE is through approval by the Forest Park Southeast Development Committee (FPSE DC). The FPSE DC and the development process were established by Alderman Roddy and are facilitated by Park Central Development (PCD). The makeup of the committee is required to be >50% residents with the balance being various organizations, property owners, and businesses within FPSE. The FPSE DC’s primary objective is to give community support for or reject proposed developments. As we have heard from the residents of our neighborhood, and as the Neighborhood Association lives up to its goals and values, we side with our community members that there has not been adequate and consistent communication from the FPSE DC, PCD, or developers to ensure that our residents have the opportunity to make their voices heard. As a result, the FPSE NA board has been in discussions with Alderman Roddy, the Ex. Director of PCD, and the Chair of the FPSE DC for over a year to remedy the issues and ensure that we’re  fulfilling our mission with respect to developments within the neighborhood.


The FPSE NA would like to establish mechanisms that ensure:

  1. Improved communication with residents, ensuring adequate notification of developments being proposed in the neighborhood
  2. There is time and an outlet for FPSE DC members to gather feedback from residents about proposed developments
  3. The FPSE NA is an organization that has a formal voice in the FPSE DC process

Proposed Amendments

Amendment II. Forest Park Southeast Development Committee Representative

  • The Forest Park Southeast Development Committee Representative (FPSEDCR) is an elected representative who has an official seat on the Forest Park Development Committee.
  • The FPSEDCR is a representative of the Neighborhood and not an official Board member. The FPSEDCR adheres to all FOREST PARK SOUTHEAST NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION BYLAWS with exceptions to Articles VI – VII, in which the FPSEDCR has no Board vote and is not a body required for a quorum for a Board meeting.
  • In addition to the FOREST PARK SOUTHEAST NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION BYLAWS, the FPSEDCR follows the bylaws set forth by the Forest Park Development Committee.
  • Although not a board member, the FPSEDCR will be elected at the same time and through the same process of the FPSENA board.

Duties and Accountabilities:

  • Responsible for adhering to the Forest Park Southeast Development Committee Bylaws.
  • Presents Development Packets and development updates at Neighborhood Association meetings and clearly communicates the projects to members as they relate to the Form-Based Code, variances, and appropriate community outreach.
  • Gathers community feedback and questions for, including but not limited to, Forest Park Southeast Development Committee members and entities requesting community support of projects at Forest Park Southeast Development Committee meetings.
  • The FPSEDCR shall be an active member of the FPSEDC and can participate in voting on developments, projects, and issues brought before the FPSEDC. The FPSEDCR will maintain discretion on how they vote if the below conditions are met. If they are not, the FPSEDCR should abstain.
    • The FPSEDCR has presented and gathered sufficient feedback from FPSENA membership and FPSE residents
    • The entity requesting FPSEDC support has made a good faith effort to notify those reasonably affected by the project. (Special scrutiny should be given to larger projects.)

Next Steps

These amendments have been introduced and discussed in November of 2020 and March of 2021. A Board vote on the amendment will take place at our next Neighborhood Association meeting, in April.