The June 2021 meeting of the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association included the election of the new Treasurer, Michael Browning, a presentation from the Tower Grove Connector project, and continued discussion regarding potential changes to the bylaws.

15 June 2021 / 6:45 PM / Zoom


07:11 Meeting Called to order (Dan Doelling)

  • Remember to pay your FPSENA Member Dues (Donate as able, $10 suggested)
    • Update: Feel free to pay CASH APP: $FPSENA 

FPSE Neighborhood Business

9:33 Announcements (Community)

  • Neighborhood Clean-Up was June 26 at 10am – 11:30am
    • RSVP on Facebook (or email us) 
    • Meet at Newstead & Manchester; Food provided!
    • Next Clean-Up events will be last Saturday of July & August

12:20 Treasurer’s Report (Dan Doelling)

  • $2,865 is the current FPSENA bank account balance
  • Steve Chodes is moving out of the neighborhood and resigned as Treasurer
  • Special Election: Resident Michael Browning nominated and ran unopposed; was voted into office Treasurer for completion of 2021 term

18:00 Crime and Safety (Officer Walker / 314-444-0107 /

  • Report:  6 auto thefts and a few motorcycles.  1 car jacking.  8 domestic disturbances.  2 calls for fireworks.  1 call for shots fired.  
  • Don’t leave weapons, laptops, etc. visible in your car.  
  • Police have increased # of officers over the weekends
  • Officer Walker is working on getting cameras in 4500 Oakland
  • Seoul Taco’s block party will be staffed by extra officers & cameras
  • Please call non-emergency # if you see derelict vehicles; call Officer walker directly if the car is already tagged with a green sticker 
  • Toyota Prius is vulnerable for catalytic converter theft

29:45 Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Update 

  • Ron Coleman was absent; Dan Doelling 
  • Call Citizen Service Bureau at 622-4800 for mosquito spraying

32:42 Park Central Development Updates (Alayna Graham)

  • Social Service Updates: 
    • Emergency utility assistance for gas/electric available
    • Rent and mortgage assistance is available
    • Senior Program: free lawn services, home repairs, tax assistance
    • Community resource counseling
  • GAP Initiative: Gateway Assault Prevention program provides training to Grove businesses; next training will be regarding gender diversity
  • Grove CID has a July-June fiscal year and is wrapping up projects.  
    • Will be placing a bench near the bus stop near Manchester/Chouteau
    • Working on the streetlamp banner project
    • Grove sign (west) still being replaced; insurance difficulties

Guest Speakers

41:00 Tower Grove to Cortex Connector (Katie Shackleford and Taylor March) 

  • 1.4 mile bicycle track: dedicated lane from Corext Metro to Tower Grove
  • Taylor provided history: 
    • Safe TGA started advocacy
    • TrailNet did a study called “Connecting St. Louis.”  Did community engagement (bus stops, libraries, neighborhood meetings) to learn what people wanted.  Analyzed data.  Consulted with engineers regarding feasibility.
    • Fully funded by “private public partnership.”  Significant private donation plus $5.6 million by federal funding for Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality grant through East West Gateway.  Aldermen also contributed from their budget.
    • Currently in design phase, managed by Great Rivers Greenway.  TrailNet is doing engagement.
    • 2023-2024 expected completion
  • Katie provided engineering info:
    • New traffic signals will be coordinated, w/ bike signals.
    • Improved ADA accessibility
    • Not removing any parking or sidewalk space
    • Tower Grove & Vandeventer intersection overhauled, improved
  • A community open house with more info about Tower Grove to Cortex Connector will be July 14th at Piper Palm House.  Public will be able to see final design.  Come for lunch session 11-1p or evening session 4-6p.

Bylaw Amendment Discussions:

01:01:00 Kings Oak residents are welcome to attend future FPSENA meetings to discuss proposed expansion of the FPSENA boundaries include Kings Oak

01:02:00 FPSENA Board will postpone vote on amendment to FPSENA bylaws regarding a seat on Park Central Development’s FPSE Development Committee:

  • Michael Browning stated that he volunteers with Alderwoman Sweet-T Pihl, who is reviewing the current Park Central Development process and standards of communication with residents before development votes.
  • Adam Kepka requested that large development projects (example: those involving zoning changes from single family to apartment complex) should have at least 2 weeks notice between neighborhood announcement and committee approval.
  • Dan Doelling suggested that large projects might require more than one meeting, especially if variances to Form Based Code are required.
  • Vince Chewning advocates that FPSENA representation on the PCD committee could help determine if community engagement has been adequate.
  • Dan Doelling recommends standardized methods of communication, and increased role of developers in community engagement.

01:10:00 Adjournment (Dan Doelling)

  • Discussion of whether FPSENA should continue with Zoom meetings or return to in-person meetings (following CDC guidelines)?  
    • Michael Browning requests in-person meetings include Zoom option

01:11:54 State Representative Collins introduced herself.

You can listen to an audio recording of this month’s meeting on Anchor or most other podcast platforms.

The June 2021 meeting of the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association included the election of the new Treasurer, Michael Browning, a presentation from the Tower Grove Connector project, and continued discussion regarding potential changes to the bylaws.

You can download a PDF of this month’s minutes below: