The May 2021 meeting of the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association included planning for social events, hearing updates from Park Central Development (PCD), and potential changes to the bylaws.

18 May 2021 / 6:45 PM / Zoom


05:03 Meeting Called to order (Dan Doelling)

  • 05:03 Ground Rules Review
  • 05:37 Agenda Review

FPSE Neighborhood Business

06:47 Community Announcements 

  • Rosa Lee Baker, of McCormick House, celebrated a 100th birthday!
  • 07:48 Brian Adler invited neighbors to meet Friday 7pm @ Chouteau Park

10:10 Treasurer’s Report (Steve Chodes)

  • April: Received $221 in dues, transferred Venmo to bank. $2840 Total
  • In the future, switch to PayPal for dues and donations 

12:10 Crime and Safety Report (Officer Walker)

  • Officer Walker is the FPSE Liason, / 314-444-0107
    • 12:45 increased car break-ins from 10pm-1am in Grove commercial district, on weekends; recommends drivers don’t leave laptops, guns, clothing, cash, in their car or in sight
    • 14:25 Catalytic converter theft on the rise; recommends buying a theft prevention device
    • 16:54 A resident, Josiah, reports his security camera caught video of an SUV involved in gunfire; he uploaded video to NextDoor.  Officer Walker recommended contacting the 2nd District detective at 314-444-0100.
    • 18:50 Several residents report speeding cars @ 4500 Oakland/Arco/Gibson

22:22 Neighborhood Improvement Specialist Update (Ron Coleman was absent)

22:42 Park Central Development (Alayna Graham /

  • Funds are available for rental/mortgage assistance for FPSE residents
  • Small business grant for FPSE businesses (8 grants, $3k each; they had 18 applicants; seeking donations for more grants)
  • 23:18 Grove CID:
    • The iconic Grove Sign should be remounted soon
    • Banners will be raised on Manchester

25:26 Planning Social Events for 2021 (Adam Kepka & Xavier Woodson)

    • 25:26  Neighborhood Clean-Up & Social: 
      • Last Saturday each month at 10am, June-August
      • Meet at Newstead and Manchester (grassy lot near UCBC)
      • Use wristbands to indicate social distancing preferences 
    • 27:10 National Night Out: (August: TBD, partner with WUMCRC)
  • 27:56 Holiday Season (December: TBD, adopt-a-family/buy toys)
  • 29:00 We need more neighbors to help plan social events
  • 30:58 Discussion of hiring Red and Black Brass Band for event
  • 32:35 Discussion of Ice Cream Social

Bylaw Amendment Discussions:

32:57 Should FPSENA expand boundaries to welcome Kings Oak residents?

  • 32:57 Alderperson Sweet-T reported hearing of residents of Kings Oaks desire to join FPSENA, and supports greater community building between neighborhoods in 17th Ward.
    • 35:11  Sarah Kogan agreed
    • 36:27  Brian Adler reportedly drafted an amendment
    • 38:08  Kings Oak is in 17th Ward & 2nd Police District
    • 38:54  Brian Adler asked whether FPSENA name should change?  PCD uses “Forest Park South” for FPSE, Kings Oak

40:53 Should FPSENA accept a seat on PCD’s Development Committee? 

    • Dan Doelling reviewed role of Park Central Development & PCD’s Development Committee
    • 41:53 PCD has offered FPSENA a seat on the Development Committee 
      • A large development proposal is expected to be reviewed soon
    • 43:30 FPSE residents are concerned that PCD’s committees haven’t always informed residents of proposals before a vote
    • 47:34 Review of questions regarding PCD:
      • Is/should PCD be accountable to neighbors?
      • Should informing the community be PCD’s responsibility; what risk comes with having a FPSENA volunteer take this on?
      • Should a FPSENA representative have a vote on the committee if FPSENA’s mission requires FPSENA remain a neutral forum?
      • Should the representative of FPSENA be a resident?
      • What are the bylaws for PCD’s board, their conflicts of interest policy, the role of board members in committee member selection?
    • 52:47 The question of community engagement is urgent due to the expectation of upcoming development proposals.
    • 54:07 FPSENA bylaws do not currently include/allow any official representation at PCD; PCD reportedly grants informal recognition of FPSENA members on their committees
    • 57:47 Sarah Wilson discussed concern that PCD committee info is not always shared widely, or in a timely manner, with the community.  Advocates increased representation and acceptance of FPSENA committee member at PCD.
    • 59:20 Adam Kepka differentiates: 1) FPSENA getting a vote at PCD’s committees, and 2) the responsibility of PCD sharing info with residents and rationale for continuing the precedent of PCD staff (rather than FPSENA volunteer) taking on this responsibility
    • 01:03:20 Percy Green states PCD should have offered FPSENA a vote on the committee years ago.  Advocates for FPSENA to accept the PCD offer, but asks whether committee representative will have veto power.  PCD committees appear to be majority-rule.
    • 01:06:18 Adam Kepka questions the value of FPSENA taking a seat at PCD if the PCD bylaws lack transparency regarding the process by which the Development Committee members are selected
    • 01:07:37 Sarah Wilson supports a FPSENA representative at PCD to speak out if community has not been adequately informed before voting.
    • 01:09:12 Sarah Kogan questions whether the PCD Development Committee currently represents residents, whether residents understand PCD’s role, and discussed the difficulties of picking a representative (long term resident versus residents with knowledge about urban development)
    • 01:11:00 Adam Kepka discussed how FPSENA will make this decision: using a vote of FPSENA board members.  Discussed concerns that accepting a seat on the PCD committee will not necessarily address problems at PCD, because they are a private organization whose board president is WUSTL, and as a private organization, they are not accountable to residents even if they play the role of city manager.  
    • 01:14:00 Sarah Kogan questions why FPSENA is suddenly being offered a voting seat now that we have a new alderperson.  Advocates for discussing plans with Sweet-T before agreeing to PCD’s offer.  Advocates for increased transparency regarding PCD Development Committee selection process.
  • 01:20:17 Michael Browning advocates accepting the PCD committee seat and also continuing to advocate for reform at PCD
  • 01:21:23 Brian Adler voiced concern about doing nothing, given the expectation of former Drury-owned parcels development proposals
  • 01:24:36 FPSENA board will vote before next meeting


01:25:14 Adjournment (Dan Doelling)

You can listen to an audio recording of this month’s meeting on Anchor or most other podcast platforms.


May 2021 Minutes

The May 2021 meeting of the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association included planning for social events, hearing updates from Park Central Development (PCD), and potential changes to the bylaws.

You can download a PDF of this month’s minutes below.