Spring has sprung!  I know I’m out in the yard more and more each day.  While we are all excited about getting back out there and watching all of the beautiful new colors popping up in our yards and around town, we also need to be mindful and diligent.  Often we are working in the garden, and we have the garage doors up, and our lawn tools are out, or we step inside to grab something quickly and the next thing we know twenty minutes later we return to find the lawnmower has disappeared, or the leaf blower has “walked” away!  Yikes!  None of us want to experience this, but unfortunately, some of you have.

As we start out, this Spring lets’ work together to be sure that Garage doors get locked, and our home entry doors are secured while we work outside.  If you have a bike, it’s important to secure it inside your garage as well.  While you are out enjoying the neighborhood during walks, please put away the cell phones and stay aware of your surroundings.   If you are out and about and notice a garage door left open and unattended, please alert your neighbor.

Have a safe and happy spring everyone!