On Monday, September 30, Metro Transit will introduce a new MetroBus service plan for the St. Louis region. Through this new plan, there will be changes to every MetroBus route in Missouri that will provide customers with service that better meets their transportation needs: more frequent service, faster and more direct trips, improved weekend service and more convenient options.

  • Frequent: 10 high-frequency routes offering service every 15 minutes or faster
  • Local: 35 routes offering 30-minute service
  • Community: 6 routes that provide important connections in low-ridership areas
  • Express: 6 routes providing direct connections with limited stops to key destinations

As part of these changes, the #14 Botanical Metro route will no longer operate due to low ridership. We understand that this could affect residents in your area. For those who plan to take MetroBus, we recommend the #31 Chouteau or #95 Kingshighway.

Additionally, parts of the #8 Bates-Morganford will be replaced by the new #8 Shaw-Cherokee. Parts of Russell, Morganford, and the Holly Hills neighborhood will no longer be served.

Other MetroBus improvements and changes for your area:

#8 Shaw-Cherokee

  • Offering enhanced 30-minute frequency
  • New route will operate between Central West End Transit Center and Catalan Loop Transit Center. Route will serve Shaw neighborhood, Tower Grove neighborhood, part of Cherokee currently served by the #73 Carondelet, and part of Broadway currently served by the #20 S. Broadway.
  • Weekdays: Every 30 minutes (Day) | Every 60 minutes (Evening)
  • Weekends: Every 60 minutes (All Day)
  • Route Map & Schedule

#95 Kingshighway

  • Offering high-frequency service, operating every 15 minutes
  • Weekdays: Every 15 minutes (Day) | Every 30 minutes (Early Morning & Evening)
  • Weekends: Every 30 minutes (All Day)
  • Route Map & Schedule

#10 Gravois-Lindell

  • Offering enhanced 30-minute frequency
  • Weekdays: Every 30 minutes (All Day)
  • Weekends: Every 30 minutes (All Day)
  • Route Map & Schedule

#31 Chouteau

  • Offering enhanced 30-minute frequency
  • Changes: Will extend to Maplewood Commons
  • Weekdays: Every 30 minutes (Day) | Every 60 minutes (Evening)
  • Weekends: Every 60 minutes (All Day)
  • Route Map & Schedule

This new plan is the culmination of Metro Reimagined, an in-depth analysis and study of the Metro transit system that began more than two years ago. Using the data collected during the study, in combination with feedback and input received from transit riders, Metro has developed this new MetroBus plan that is focused on building ridership and improving the customer experience.

Metro Reimagined – Overall Service Plan Details

Through the Metro Reimagined service plan, Metro Transit is significantly increasing the frequency of MetroBus routes in Missouri.

Under the new Metro Reimagined plan, MetroBus routes are organized into four tiers:

  • Frequent: 10 high-frequency routes offering service at least every 15 minutes.In comparison, only one MetroBus route currently offers 15-minute frequency.
  • Local: 35 MetroBus routes offering service every 30 minutes. In comparison, the majority of MetroBus routes currently operate at 40-minute or 60-minute frequencies.
  • Community: 6 routes providing important connections in low-ridership areas. Metro Reimagined focused on creating more frequent and direct travel in the busiest areas and most popular corridors in order to benefit the most people. However, Metro was able to retain service in key areas where coverage is crucial despite lower ridership, guided in part by customer feedback received throughout the planning process.
  • Express: 6 routes providing direct connections to key destinations. This express service efficiently connects residents who live throughout St. Louis County to important employment centers and healthcare needs throughout the City and region.  Express routes run limited trips during the morning and afternoon rush hours.