This month’s meeting was a casual, open forum at Missouri Foundation for Health’s courtyard. We had popsicles and refreshments on hand. The meeting time was used to mix and mingle, ask questions, and share thoughts and concerns. In lieu of our typical presentation, the below information was shared with the community.

Get Involved

If you’re interested in getting involved in the neighborhood, here are some opportunities:

  • Event Planning
    Public Safety Committee / Block Captain
    Infrastructure Committee
    Development Review Committee
    Chouteau Park Tree Watering
    General Interest/As Needed

Interested? Let us know by completing this form:

*The Association does not manage the re-launched Infrastructure or Development Committees but we can put you in touch with those who do if you’d like to be involved. More information on upcoming meetings below.

Treasurer’s Report

Dues are pay-what-you-can. In past years dues were $10. You can become a dues-paying member (or donate) via Cash App, by check, or cash. To send via Cash App:$FPSENA. Please reach out if you’d like to pay by cash or check:
You can find a live copy of our Treasurer’s Report on our website here.

2024 Board elections are coming up. If you’re interested in running, please email or fill out this form here. All positions are open: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Member-at-Large. You can read more about each position in our by-laws here. For those who have shown interest via the form or email, we will reach out to you soon!

Board elections will be held at our October meeting. Nominations for Board positions are accepted at both the September and October meetings. Nominations are closed at the end of the October meeting.

Neighborhood Programs & Events

  • Park Central Stay-in-Place Program
  • De-Volcano Mulching: WED, August 16 @ 6:30PM- 7:30; Meet at 4490 Vista
    • Let’s save some trees! We’re removing mulch around trees that have too much mulch piled around them, trapping too much moisture and causing the tree’s bark to break down which can lead to disease, rot and death. We’ll work for about 1 hour on these trees. All tools and instructions will be provided.
  • St. Louis Shakespeare Festival: FRI, August 18 @ 6:30pm; Chroma Plaza (4041 Chouteau Ave)
    • Shakespeare is coming to FPSE! Watch the production of The Merry Wives of Windsor (Merry Wives) on August 18 at 6:30pm at Chroma Plaza. This is a condensed 90-minute adaptation performed by six actors in a 90’s sitcom style.Bringing your own blankets and chairs is encouraged. It is also completely free and open to all.
  • Monthly Clean-up: SAT, August 26 at 10am; meet at Newstead & Manchester
    • This month we’re focusing on cleaning up some alleys! We’re working with Brightside STL to clean the alleys of 4400 Gibson/Chouteau, 4300 Swan/Norfolk, and 4200 Arco/Gibson. All tools (gloves, trashbags, rollcars, brooms, shovels) will be provided.
  • The FPSE Great Gathering: SAT, September 9 @ 5:30PM – 8, Chouteau Park
    • The neighborhood’s annual community gathering at Chouteau Park is approaching! Join us for this free event where we’ll have free food from Speedway Eatery courtesy of WUMCRC, free beer from Urban Chestnut, and free water and soda courtesy of Park Central Development. We’ll also have a handful of local officials and organizations in attendance including Great Rivers Greenway, Trailnet, Midtown Community Services, and Park Central. Everybody is invited and we can’t wait to see you there!
  • GroveFest 2023: October 7 @ 3PM, Manchester Ave
    • For the past 17 years, GroveFest has brought in thousands of St. Louis residents to the Grove to celebrate our community. This annual street festival is free and packs a ton of fun into one amazing day! More info here:
  • FPSE Infrastructure Committee
    • Th Committee will review the neighborhood infrastructure needs (street paving, sidewalks, trash cans, crosswalks, Chouteau Park, etc.) It will make recommendations on spending Capital Ward funds to the Alderman. Park Central will be again providing support for the committee. Residents interested in working on these issues should consider applying to be a committee member. Applications will be accepted via the Park Central website in the near future. More details will be forthcoming. The first meeting date has been set for Nov 2, 6:30pm, at the Park Central office at 4512 Manchester.
  • FPSE Development Review Committee
  • The first Development Review Committee meeting will be at the Park Central office at 4512 Manchester, on August 29 at 6:30PM. A Zoom option will be available and more information will be published on our website’s homepage. All residents are encouraged to attend to hear and provide feedback on proposed developments.

Neighborhood Contacts

  • Michael Browning
  • The Alderperson of our Ward (Ward 9) is Michael Browning. Our Aldermen create, pass, and amend local laws, and approve the City’s budget every year. Michael is on three committees including HUDZ, Transportation & Commerce, and Public Infrastructure & Utilities. You can review his legislative activity here. You can contact Michael at
  • Ron Coleman
    • Ron Coleman is our Neighborhood Improvement Specialist. The primary purpose of Neighborhood Improvement Specialists (NIS) is to identify and address issues and provide follow up on these issues with Aldermen, citizens, neighborhood groups, block units, police and City operating departments. You can learn more about the variety of NIS duties here.
  • Liaison Officer Nicole Walker
    • Officer Nicole Walker is the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department’s Community Liaison Officer for our neighborhood. To discuss issues related to our neighborhood, Officer Walker can be contacted at 314-444-0107 or
    • What do Community Liaison Officers do?
      • Implement a variety of crime prevention, safety and community relation programs.
      • Coordinate various events and district programs.
      • Prepare and deliver oral presentations to community groups.
      • Participate in events and meetings with citizens, businesses and neighborhood groups.
      • Prepare neighborhood surveys for residents, schools and business owners.
      • Respond to citizens questions, requests and complaints.
      • Serve as a liaison between law enforcement and the community to resolve issues.
      • Provide information to residents regarding available resources from the city and from other community, educational and government agencies.
      • Maintain or increase public confidence in the Police Department.
        Decrease fear of crime.
      • Bring community resources together to solve problems.
    • 314-444-0107
  • Non-emergency number 314-231`-1212
  • Citizens’ Service Bureau
    • The Citizens’ Service Bureau (CSB) is the customer service department for the City of St. Louis. The CSB handles a range of complaints and service requests, and can direct you to the correct City services or programs. See a pothole, overflowing trash, abandoned vehicle, vandalized wall, vacant lot with uncut grass, block light out, or other City service problem? Contact the CSB at 314-622-4800 or

Free Tree!

Note: as of publishing, all trees have been given away.

Hello Forest Park Southeast!

My name is Aaron Dohogne, I live in St. Louis City, and I would like to plant a tree in your yard! Free!

If you would like a tree, please choose from the list below and email me your 1st and 2nd preferences. 1 tree per homeowner.

This is part of the project, Trash of Trees, which has the twin goals of picking up trash and planting trees in Forest Park Southeast.

We have picked up over 12,000 pieces of trash in Forest Park Southeast. Now, we would like to plant trees in the yards of 20 homeowners in this neighborhood.

Thank you!


Here is the list of Trees: Size; Fruit; Bloom Color

    • American Elderberry: small in size; fruit bearing; white bloom
    • Bald Cypress: big in size; green bloom
    • Black Chokeberry: small in size; fruit bearing; white bloom
    • Downy Serviceberry: small in size; fruit bearing; white bloom
    • Eastern Ninebark: small in size; fruit bearing; white or pink bloom
    • Eastern Redbud: medium in size; red-purplish bloom
    • Flowering Dogwood small-medium in size; fruit for wildlife; white bloom
    • Hazelnut small in size; produces nuts; red or brownish bloom
    • Nannyberry Viburnum small in size; fruit bearing; white bloom
    • Northern Red Oak big in size; nuts for wildlife; yellowish-green bloom
    • River Birch medium-big in size; green or brown bloom
    • Rose Mallow small in size; white and pink bloom
    • Shumard Oak medium-big in size; nuts for wildlife; green bloom
    • White Fringetree small in size, fruit bearing; white bloom

You can download a copy of this meeting’s minutes below.