In this meeting we hear from Trailnet on the progress of the Tower Grove-Cortex Connector and City of St. Louis Treasurer Adam Layne on the re-launch of the existing Parking Districts.

Crime and Safety Report (Officer Walker)

  • No recent complaints or issues
  • The Crime Report has been updated since the last meeting.
  • Question:  Do crime reports get emailed? 
    • Answer:  Typically handed out during meetings, but FPSENA can start sending them on a regular /basis

Ward Updates (Michael Browning, Alderman)

  • Board Bill 29 – Prohibiting Persons from Openly Carrying or Displaying Firearm
      • The proposed bill will prohibit persons from openly carrying or displaying any firearm readily capable of lethal use within the City unless the person possesses a valid concealed carry endorsement or permit as provided herein on their person or fails to present such endorsement or permit upon demand by a law enforcement officer.
      • Aimed at getting guns off the street.
      • One can only open carry if they have a concealed carry permit and one must be 19 years old to obtain a permit.
      • There will be a one month implementation period where officers will be issuing warnings.
  • Board Bill 82 – Officers of the City of St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department to Identify Themselves
      • Officers must provide rights of consent before searching a person.
  • Relaunching Development and Infrastructure Committees
      • Administered through Park Central Development but committees will be controlled by citizens.
      • The first Development Committee meeting is August 22nd.
      • Meetings for both committees will be one week after FPSE Neighborhood Association meetings so they can be announced at the neighborhood meetings.
  • Please use Citizens’ Service Bureau (CSB)

Treasurer’s Report (Cammie Lewis, FPSE NA Treasurer)

  • Last month: $15.99 for zoom
  • Cash App, pay what you can, check, cash.
  • Must be a dues paying member if you want to be on the board

Community Updates and News (Dan Doelling):

  • Popsicles in the Park: July 17 @ 6PM – 8:30, Adams Park
  • Monthly Clean-up: July 22 at 10am, meet at Newstead & Manchester
  • The FPSE Great Gathering: September 9 @ 5:30PM – 8, Chouteau Park

Trailnet – Tower Grove Connector = protected cycle track

You can download Trailnet’s presentation on the Tower Grove-Cortex Connector Update here.

  • Charles Bryson, Policy Catalyst,, 314-464-9009
  • Adam Treaster, Planning Coordinator,
  • Existing bike lanes on Tower Grove Ave (starting at Magnolia St) will be combined to one side and raised to sidewalk height.
  • Cycle track will continue east on Vandeventer Ave and end at Sarah St (Phase 1)
  • Phase 2 of cycle track will continue on Sarah St to CORTEX (timeline and design details to be determined)
  • Question: Will the roads get repaved too?  
    • Answer: Yes
  • Question: How will the intersection of Tower Grove Ave and Vandeventer work? 
    • Answer: At McRee and Tower Grove Ave, the cycle track will cross over diagonally from left to right side (west to east side of street) and continue uninterrupted on Vandeventer Ave.
    • If going straight on Tower Grove, there will be a cutout and cyclists will cross with pedestrians.
    • There will be a 2-stage crossing with multiple signals when a cyclist travels in the north/south direction through the intersection.
  • Connector Timeline:
    • Now through end of 2023: Phase 2 surveying and concept design
    • Early 2024: Phase 1 construction start
    • All of 2024: Phase 2 community engagement and design work
    • Early 2025: Phase 2 design completion
    • Late 2025: Phase 2 construction start

Adam L. Layne, St. Louis Treasurer – Parking District Relaunch

You can download Adam Layne’s Parking District presentation here.

  • Program costs:
    • $40/permit annually
    • $2/day guest pass
    • $10/permit for seniors on fixed income
    • Prices offset less than 32% costs
  • Program includes trained staff:
    • Program Manager
      • Full account service
      • Application support
      • Application processing
    • 2 seasonal support staff
  • A resident only parking district requires most of the resident approval on block and a board bill needs to be passed.  
  • Question: Which streets are being affected? 
    • Answer: Not setting up any new zones, only existing parking districts will be maintained.
  • Question:  Will homeowners have to pay to park in front of their house?
    • Answer:  Yes
  • Question:  Can you talk about enforcement and how it benefits residents?
    • Answer: Intent is to make sure residents have places to park.  Fees are 2/3 of the actual costs for this program and only looking for an amount to offset costs.  The rest of the program will be paid by other parts of the Parking Department.  
  • Question:  Can a resident sell a pass to a BJC employee?
    • Answer: No.
  • Question:  When will homeowners get to vote no for a parking district?
    • Answer:  When a petition is started by a resident on your block.
  • Question:  Will letters get sent to everyone who lives in a district?
    • Answer:  Yes.
  • Question:  How long until tickets are issued?
    • Answer:  Not until everyone is signed up (will be a grace period).
  • Question:  Discount for veterans?
    • Answer:  Yes.
  • Question:  Will there be signage to discourage people from parking?
    • Answer:  Yes.
  • Question:  When will signs be up for Taylor Ave near Arco Ave?
    • Answer:  Soon.
  • Question:  Will permits be issued to renters or only property owners?
    • Answer:  Permits will be issued to all residents including renters (the permit portal will have a unit number).
  • Question: Why is PCD being allowed to push parking policy?
    • Answer:  Parking districts are resident driven. 
  • Question:  How will this affect short-term rental units?
    • Answer:  Have not considered this, would not be a resident but might be able to be applied by the landlord.

You can download a copy of this meeting’s minutes below.

You can also listen to July’s meeting below, and wherever you get your podcasts.