In this meeting we hear from guests about the Alderwoman’s upcoming Forest Park Southeast Development Review Committee and updates to the parking districts in Forest Park Southeast.

Community Discussion

Ground Rules (Michael Browning)

  • Michael reviewed the community meeting ground rules, process for asking questions, and expectation of common courtesy.

17th Ward Updates (Alderwoman ‘Sweet-T’ Pihl)

  • Alderwoman Pihl began with 17th Ward development updates, including a call for development committee members. Those interested can apply online at: Forest Park Southeast Development Review Committee Application ( Applications and a first meeting will take place in August. 
  • The development at 4591 McRee, a Green Street development, recently received 10 year 90% tax abatements.
  • Lux Living will continue the review process for their development along Kingshighway. Tina noted she did receive the FPSENA Board’s letter summarizing the community feedback on the development. 
  • Alderwoman Pihl stated a goal to standardize the process for reviewing developments in the community. 
  • Alderwoman Pihl continued with a 17th Ward public safety update, noting that a harm reduction strategy is being developed in response to the overdoses reported in February.
  • Alderwoman Pihl noted significant upcoming Board Bills.
  • Alderwoman Pihl has initiated a Kingshighway traffic and safety study to begin in the next couple months, which should last approximately six months. The Lochmueller Group will develop the study. 
  • Alderwoman Pihl invited all community members to the next monthly 17th Ward Meeting September 14th at 6:30.

FPSE Neighborhood Business

Treasurer’s Report (Rachel Siegert)

  • Rachel reviewed this month’s report, including $425 of revenue last month. 
  • Michael called for membership dues, but reminded the community that dues are pay-what-you-can. 

Community Updates 

Neighborhood resident Zen, shared an update on the state of parking in the neighborhood. His notes and research have been included below:


314.647.3111 x1108 Sandy Colvin (Administrative Assistant III)

  • Fielding calls about parking permits since Lenny is overburdened by them currently at the Treasurer’s Office. Says her department’s only responsibility is to approve of the permit’s design, no distribution nor enforcement.
  • The Treasurer’s Office is in charge of creation and distribution of permits for parking and will be handing it over to someone else. Currently broadcasting that existing expired permits will be counted valid until a new roll out is completed (there will typically systematically be a months grace period after roll out for everyone to get them also). The roll out will be firstly posted on their website when it is ready. It could be months yet. Contact overseeing this is: Lenny at Treasurer’s Office


William Hanses also 622-3690 (also Tony and Robert)

  • Currently he processes hangtag permits for special business use across the city which is a small amount (less than the current parking zones here) He has no info but is told his department will likely be the ones in charge once the roll out is established by the Treasurer’s Office.
  • Call 622-3684 mon-sat, no sun, 8am until 10pm (9:30pm) to report violators and that police are the only ones with authority to tow vehicles currently and police can ticket for anything, however police are currently not interested in parking tickets and will not likely come out for it.


450-2830 ticket judgment @ 229 n. 7th st

(Say to call Streets Dept regarding parking permits.)

  • If received a ticket wrongfully. They will remove the ticket but to do so requires an official letter indicating that your vehicle is abiding by the available processes and setting up an appointment with the ticket judge at this location.
  • No department, not the Streets nor the Parking Enforcement has been willing to take on the burden of producing a letter for citizens that currently are new and have no permits yet, because they can not get them, but will definitely get tickets if found in violation. It seems this responsibility falls entirely on the Treasurer’s Office, two emails sent, no response from the Treasurer’s Office yet.

Neighborhood Events (Michael Browning)

  • The neighborhood clean-up help on July 16th was a great success! Michael extended thanks to all who made it out. 
  • The next clean-ups are scheduled for Aug. 20 and Sept. 17. 
  • Residents should ‘save the date’ for Neighborhood Night Out on Sept. 10th.
  • Michael asked the community to stay tuned for neighborhood tree planting events later this fall.
  • Michael called for event committee members. Those interested can email 
  • Park Central has an exterior maintenance program for seniors, for more information contact Nanyamka Brown 

Crime and Safety Report (Michael Browning)

  • Officer Walker’s crime report can be found on the FPSENA website. 
  • Community members were encouraged to contact the citizen service bureau to report any problems related to city services at 314-622-4800. 
  • Officer Walker shared the following list of relevant contact information:
      • Captain’s Aide / D Platoon Sergeant
      • Sergeant Joseph Calabro Phone: 444-0179 Email:
      • Officer Donald Veile Phone: 444-0133 Email:
      • Neighborhoods: Ellendale, Clifton Heights, Kings Oak, Cheltenham, Franz Park, Hi-Point, Wydown/Skinker
      • Vince Stehlin Phone: 444-0127 Email:
        • Neighborhoods: South Hampton, STL Hills, Lindenwood Park, North Hampton, Clayton/Tamm
      • Officer Michael Haman Phone: 444-0130 Email:
        • Neighborhoods: The Hill, Southwest Garden
      • Officer Nicola Walker Phone: 444-0107 Email:
        • Neighborhoods: Tower Grove South, Tower Grove Park, Shaw, Tiffany, Botanical Heights/McRee, The Botanical Garden, Forest Park Southeast

City Public Safety Update (Ron Coleman)

  • Ron asked that any concerns be brought to his attention at 
  • Ron thanked all those who participated in the recent neighborhood clean up and noted how valuable citizen participation is to the city. 
  • Ron noted upcoming community improvements. 
  • Ron offered to follow-up about the parking process moving forward and offered to assist any residents in resolving incorrect ticketing. 

You can download a copy of the minutes below.

You can listen to July’s meeting below, and wherever you listen to your podcasts.