This month we have a call for Board nominations, see plans for 4210 – 4216 Manchester and interior renovations of McCormack House @ FPSE, hear from retiring SLMPD Officer John McLaughlin, and plans for Neighborhood Night Out and a potential Spring Block Party.

FPSE Neighborhood Business

Treasurer’s Report (Dan Doelling)

  • Dan reviewed expenses and revenue from last month
  • Dan called for dues-paying membership and invited anyone to donate or pay dues via Cash App ($FPSENA)

Call for Board Nominations & Vote (Dan Doelling)

  • Dan informed the community that two board members resigned last month, vacancies include treasure and member-at-large. 
  • Dan reviewed the responsibilities for each position, full descriptions can be found in the FPSENA By-Laws online. 
  • Dan called for nominations for the two open board positions:
  • Cammie Lewis Holiday was nominated for treasurer
  • Mark Mangapora was nominated for member-at-large
  • An election committee was formed, called-for, and collected votes from dues-paying members. Votes were collected via zoom and in-person. 
  • Cammie Lewis Holiday was elected treasurer
  • Mark Mangapora was elected member-at-large

Guest Speakers

Alderwoman Pihl invited two groups to present on their upcoming development projects in the neighborhood. These groups shared information on their upcoming developments. Questions or comments can be directed to the Alderwoman’s Development Review Committee. 

  • McCormack House Interior Upgrades (Nichole Blumner and Sarah Rose, MBS)
    • Nichole and Sarah shared a bit about McCormack Baron Salazar’s company history developing mixed-income housing projects across the country.
    • MBS strives to deliver ‘market-rate’ projects for low and mixed-income tenants. 
    • McCormack House on Kingshighway near Manchester was built in 2001 as a partnership between WUMCRC, Park Central, The City of St. Louis and MBS. The property includes 89 units (1 and 2 bedrooms) in 3-stories and provides independent living apartments for residents age 62+.
    • The project includes renovations across the property with a focus on the building’s interior. The Scope will include ADA updates, energy upgrades, finish upgrades, and renovations to common areas. 
    • The development is seeking tax abatements.
  • 4210 – 4216 Manchester Development (Scott Siekert, Architect)
    • Scott shared the design for 4210-4216 Manchester Avenue on behalf of the developer. 
    • The project includes a new building on the vacant portion of the site along with renovation of the existing building on site. The project would also include parking for the development. 
    • The project includes two street-level retail spaces and 11 apartment units.  
    • Scott shared his inspiration to create a pedestrian experience and integrate into the surrounding building context. 

Crime & Safety

Crime and Safety Report (Officer Walker)

  • Officer Walker reminded the community that the City has a new Captain.
  • Due to renovations, 444-0130 is Officer Walker’s new office number.
  • Crime remains focused around Manchester Avenue especially near Chouteau.
  • The Officer reminded residents to avoid storing any guns in cars.

Community Discussion

Ward Updates (Alderwoman Pihl)

Officer John McLaughlin Retirement from the SLMPD (John Mclaughlin)

  • John announced his retirement from the police department after years of service in the neighborhood. 
  • He shared how many fond memories he carries with him, especially from his eight years in the Forest Park Southeast neighborhood.
  • John thanked the community for ‘everything’ 
  • The community enthusiastically thanked John for his years of service. 

Spring Block Party (Trish Flanagan)

  • Community resident Trish, who moved to the neighborhood earlier this year, was hoping to throw a block-party near the end of Gibson sometime in the Fall
  • Dan noted that the Spring may be better to balance the efforts for planning the annual Neighborhood Night Out in September.
  • Stay tuned for spring-time to get something planned!

Community Discussion (Dan Doelling)

Dan shared upcoming neighborhood events:

  • Neighborhood Clean-Up: Saturday, August 20 @ 10am
  • Neighborhood Night Out: Saturday September 10 at 5:30pm

You can download a copy of the minutes below.

You can listen to August’s meeting below, and wherever you listen to your podcasts.