In this meeting we discuss ward updates (Albion, Lux Living), events, and public safety.

FPSE Neighborhood Business

Ward 17 Updates (Alderwoman Pihl)

  • Lux Living development on Kingshighway 
    • Presenting their development on Kingshighway to The Preservation Board on June 27th at 4:00pm (Preservation Board Monthly Meeting | City of St. Louis Calendar (
      • Alderwoman Pihl noted two variances the development is pursuing as a result of redesigning the development entrance from Kingshighway
      • This meeting is the time and place to voice any concern. Commenters need to register ahead of time
      • A community member asked if Alderwoman Pihl would back up the community’s opposition for this development
    • A third community meeting to be held prior to this presentation to review design changes to address community comments. Lux or their architect will present the proposed design. 
      • These changes will require multiple variances 
        • Setback (smaller than 25’) from Level 03 and above
        • Entry from Kingshighway (maneuvering trick access) 
      • A community member asked for more information about parking 
  • Koplar development at Kingshighway and Lindell (The Albion) 
    • Successfully received sales tax exemptions for the ~$100M luxury residential development after two community engagement meetings (estimated $3M in savings) 
  • Kingshighway Traffic studies will continue, including Lindell to McCree
    • Studies for safety and speed problems along this corridor 
    • A community member noted that Future 64 is also looking at this area for their study 
  • Alderwoman Pihl noted re-striping is to be done at the intersection of Kingshighway & Forest Park Parkway and Kingshighway & Lindell 
  • The 17th Ward Public Safety Committee met last week
    • The Alderwoman encouraged attendance at the next meeting from FPSE
    • The Alderwoman met with residents of the Parkview Apartments to review a Public Health Initiative 
  • Community members can sign up for the Alderwoman’s email list to receive her 17th Ward Annual Report (Tina “Sweet-T” Pihl, Alderwoman of St Louis’ 17th Ward (
  • The June 17th Ward Meeting will be 06/08 at 6:30
  • June Office Hours will be June 14th at Northwest Coffee at 5:30
  • Infrastructure Committee (Allen Levin) 
    • Allen introduced the Infrastructure Committee reboot 
    • Kelly Harris and Allen Levin to chair
      • Thus far there have been 9 applications for membership and all have been accepted 
      • Allen called for additional applicants to increase representation:
        • East of Boyle
        • African American
        • Non-White
        • Non-Male
        • Kings Oak
      • Interested community members can apply with the link below:
    • First scheduled meeting to be held in June (16th or 28th) 

Treasurer’s Report (Rachel Siegert)

Community News and Updates (Dan Doelling & JC Fick)

  • Free Seasonal Maintenance is available for Seniors in the neighborhood. Residents can email for more information
  • Upcoming Events
    • Clean up this Saturday! Focused on Kings Oak, Meet at Manchester and Newstead at 10:00am 
    • Flowering Event this Sunday! Meet at Oakland and Newstead at 10:00am
  • Future 64 Public Engagement Meeting will be held on May 18th at The City Foundry Food Hall at 4:00pm
  • Tower Grove-Cortex Connector is calling for artwork from neighborhood residents. Those interested can attend the information session on June 3rd at Rockwell Beer Co. at 3:00pm 

Public Safety & Public Safety Committee Discussion (Dan Doelling)

  • Dan introduced a community discussion on the recent increase in crime and public safety to understand how we can build a public safety committee to create a more welcoming neighborhood for all. 
  • The discussion continued with key questions:
    • Community members answered the question ‘What is safety to you?’ with;
      • ‘Being able to walk my dog at night and not feel like someone can attack me’
      • ‘Knowing my neighbors’
      • ‘Walking across the street without being hit by a car’
      • A community member recalled having a block-wide phone number list communications at the block level 
      • Dan noted the board’s hope to bolster the Block Captain program
    • When asked ‘Where do you feel safest? Least Safe?’ community members shared;
      • ‘Dark alleys’
    • Community members answered ‘What safety can be improved? with;
      • ‘Young people carrying guns’ 
      • ‘Speed bumps or something to slow people down coming out of alleys’ (or reflector mirrors) 
    • ‘Where have you seen crime happen?’ was answered with;
      • ‘It’s everywhere, alley-ways, streets’
      • A community member shared multiple stories of unsafe experiences in the neighborhood, ultimately observing that communication with law-enforcement needs to be improved and supported.
      • ‘Communication is where to start’
      • ‘Streets that have trees…are generally safer’ 
    • A community member noted continued concerns on the south side of Manchester with the Green Street developments depleting the surrounding infrastructure and community
  • Officer Walker encouraged community members to reach out concerning anything related to crime and safety. She can be reached at 444-0107. 
    • She also noted that a SLMPD Community Event is being held Sat May 21st 11am to 4pm at Gravois & Bamberger Plaza. Detectives from Homicide, Nuisance Property Officer, Juvenile Det. Traffic Officer, 2nd District Detectives and Officers, Canine Officers, the Cadet/Explorer Program will be there.

You can download a copy of the minutes below.

You can listen to May’s meeting below, and wherever you listen to your podcasts.