This month’s meeting included elections for the 2023 Board and presented project materials for a proposed development at 4534-4556 Manchester.

FPSE Neighborhood Business

Treasurer’s Report (Cammie Lewis Holiday)

  • Thank you again to WUMCRC for their $1,400 donation supporting our NNO
  • Membership is pay-what-you-can, anyone interested can donate at$FPSENA

Neighborhood Events (Cammie Lewis Holiday)

  • Last month 6 trees were planted at Chouteau Park
    On December 3rd we will be planting daffodil bulbs at Chouteau Park, all are welcome to join

Election for 2023 Association Board (Dan Doelling)

  • Dan reviewed the nominees for the 2023 FPSENA Board
    • President Dan Doelling
    • VP Aaron Bisch
    • Treasurer Cammie Lewis Holiday
    • Secretary Mark Mangapora
    • Member-at-Large Sarah Kogan
  • Voting was held in-person and in a Zoom break-out room
  • The 2023 Board was elected to include
    • President Dan Doelling
    • VP Aaron Bisch
    • Treasurer Cammie Lewis Holiday
    • Secretary Mark Mangapora
    • Member-at-Large Sarah Kogan

FPSE Neighborhood Discussion

4534-4556 Manchester Project (Dan Doelling)

  • The Board shared an overview of the project proposed for the 4500 block on Manchester by Groveland LLC, including the projects plans and renderings, which can be viewed here.
  • The board collected the following questions and comments for the Alderwoman’s Development Review Committee:
    • There is a vacant lot to the west of the parking lot – the parking lot appears to imply access, what is the intent here? Who owns this lot?
    • What currently exists on the Swan properties? Current vacancy was confirmed.
    • What is the purpose of neighborhood engagement? What are we trying to get from it? There is confusion about the review process and who should be reviewing these developments. There is no current agreement. Is the point to ease the addition of quick growth? Is it about engaging the full neighborhood? If it meets the form based code why should we require any additional review?
    • Confirm that the exterior materials would be consistent on all sides (not different in the back).
    • Is there a tenant in mind for the commercial space(s)?
    • Does the developer own the lot on Swan where parking is proposed?
    • Concerns with the parking lot on Swan sets a bad precedent for land being used as surface parking in the neighborhood, especially adjacent to large developments.
    • It is similar to many other projects that have been submitted and denied (similar to the Arbor on Arco). This should be considered as setting a precedent for future development. parking, lighting, etcetera. Cold all lead to an unpleasant condition for residents
    • Further concern about the surface parking lot and impervious surface increase in the neighborhood.
    • The form based code is not perfect and needs constant evolution, we shouldnt depend on it, the lux development met the form based code and was not supported.
    • A member of the original committee noted regret about what the FBC document has become. And noted that there is a lot of information that is not accurately communicated in the document. It is a copy from other policies from other cities. The same process is underway on Delmar.
    • Are the parking lot properties formal LRA properties? LRA properties should not be used for parking. One may still be LRA-owned.
    • The developments south of Manchester have really taken a toll on the community.
    • How many units? 69? 71? Past developments have said 9 units, and built 18 units. Can we confirm the number of units that will actually be built?
    • What impact will this building have on the grid and sewer system? What upgrades will be done before they start flushing thousands of toilets in these broken sewers of ours?
    • Glad they don’t have to take incentives.
    • Is there any benefit to existing residents?
    • Nichiha is similar to Hardi-Plank Siding and not an approved primary building material.
  • Residents were encouraged to direct any additional questions to the FPSE Development Review committee at and to attend the Committee’s meeting on 11/22 at 7:00pm at Grace & Mercy Church

Crime & Safety

Crime and Safety Report (Officer Walker)

  • Officer Walker noted some questions about shots-fired in the neighborhood, but no pattern has been identified.
  • A resident noted that some incidents have been reported at the corner of Gibson and Tower Grove, without police support.
  • Officer Walker reviewed a number of flyers with the neighborhood
  • As always Officer Walker can be reached at or 314-444-0100
  • A resident reminded the community of the non-emergency number, 314-231-1212

You can download a copy of the minutes below.

You can listen to November’s meeting below, and wherever you listen to your podcasts.