This month’s meeting includes elections for the 2024 Board, a preview of “Townhomes on Tower Grove” – 28-unit townhome project at the corner of Vista and Tower Grove, Tre Prothro presenting City updates and resources, and PSAs on opportunities to provide feedback to shape our City’s future: MoDOT’s Manchester/Chouteau Safety Improvement public meeting, SLUP survey, and Rams Settlement Money prioritization.

Introduction & Meeting Ground Rules (Dan Doelling) 

Crime and Safety Report (Officer Walker)

  • Not much activity since October.
  • Call directly if there is a car w/ flat tires, missing windows, etc. 
  • Call CSB if there is a car that has been sitting for some time.
  • Contact Operation Brightside if calling about graffiti – usually faster response than CSB.
  • Direct patrol means officers are on the block investigating activity. 
  • Please call 911 or use non-emergency number if you see suspicious activity: 231-1212

Neighborhood Updates (Ron Coleman)

  • Residential parking district.
    • Facilitated by City’s Treasurer’s Office
    • Go live with enforcing the permits, Jan 1st.
    • There were (3) in-person events at Park Central over the past weeks.
    • Residents will not receive anything in the mail cause digital
    • Enforcement will be conducted by scanning of license plates.
    • Special situations:
      • Residents with Medical conditions.
      • Parents/grandparents that are babysitting on a regular basis.
    • Please send questions to FPSE NA to relay to Ron.
  • Leaf pickup
    • Come by on street cleaning day.  Rake out leaves to curb (1-2 foot).  They will sweep up leaves.  Only happening in Nov & Dec.
    • Yard waste suspended from Nov through Dec except for bulk week (once per month).  Will resume in March.
  • Hot chocolate Run – Dec 3rd. 6am – 10am
    • May be blocked in.  Check out route online.

Treasurer’s Report (Cammie Lewis, FPSE NA Treasurer)

  • 15.99 zoom October expense.
  • Pay dues: Cashapp or straight cash/check

Community Updates and News (Dan Doelling):

  • Winter tree pruning – Chouteau Park, Dec 3rd @ 10am
  • MODOT meeting.  How to redesign Mancheter and Chouteau to improve safety.
    • 2900 Hickory st, Nov 29 5-7pm. 
  • Board of Alderman
    • Feedback for settlement money from Rams leaving STL.
    • STL strategic land use plan
  • Pie Guy has opened a bar adjacent to its pizza shop (formerly Gezelig space) on Manchester Ave.
  • New business “Good Company” to move into former Layla space on Manchester Ave.
  • 1200 Tower Grove – Saturn Salon moving into the corner commercial unit.

City Resources (guest speaker)

    • New state of the art 911 facility, all 3 components in one location.
    • GBI basic guaranteed income, receive $500/month.
    • Building on MLK recently acquired by SLDC to be turned into a work hub.
    • Property tax freeze bill for seniors recently passed, need to apply on a yearly basis.
    • NGA (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency) bringing in 2000 jobs.
    • Homicide 20% down overall, recent uptick in theft crimes
    • Youth crime is down by 37%
    • LRA (Land Reutilization Authority) property: 
      • The city is improving stewardship of properties.
      • Allocating 15 million for demolition, 5 million for rehabilitation and stabilization.
    • Rams’ settlement funds 
      • $280 million to the City of St. Louis, including $30 million to expand the Dome at America’s Center.
      • Rams’ money in the bank account, earned 13-14 mil on interest.  
    • ARPA (American Rescue Plan Act)
      • $498 million
      • Must be spent by November 2026.
      • More difficult to spend because of restrictions set by the Federal Govt.
    • Mayor signed Board Bill Number 40 for City’s Traffic Calming Policy.
    • Recent ribbon cutting for tiny home village on North Grand, sponsored by Jason Kander.  
      • Not just shelters, but actually small houses.  
      • Temporary transitional housing.  

2024 Board Elections

  • Must be dues-paying member to vote; dues are pay-what-you-can; Nominees
  • Nominees: 
    • Dan Doelling: President; 
    • Mark Mangapora: Vice President; 
    • Cammie Holiday-Lews: Secretary  
    • Ev Veremakis: Treasurer
    • Sarah Kogan: Member-at-Large
  • Election Results: 
    • Dan Doelling: President; 
    • Mark Mangapora: Vice President; 
    • Cammie Holiday-Lews: Secretary  
    • Ev Veremakis: Treasurer
    • Sarah Kogan: Member-at-Large

You can download a copy of this meeting’s minutes below.

You can also listen to November’s meeting below, and wherever you get your podcasts.