Park Central Development and PGAV are conducting a survey about Chouteau Park.  Please take a few minutes to share your opinions about what you’d like to see happen in future developments.  Should we prioritize more trees and/or a water feature?  A basketball court and/or picnic tables?  We want to hear from you!

For inspiration, here’s an old design that was created before the FPSE Dog Park.  This earlier plan called for large trees to form a shaded area called “The Grove.”  However, the shade tree saplings died and were replaced by crab apples, and then the dog park was added.

Some aspects of this earlier plan have remained the same, including the location of the sidewalks, multipurpose field, and hill.  Other aspects were changed or never happened, such as the cafe, wildflower garden, and water feature.

And what about the concrete mounds?  They are intended to be the beginning of an “adventure playscape.”  They never got the soft rubber coating that the initial plan intended.

Where should we go from here?  Please take a moment and share your ideas!