This meeting is not hosted by the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association.

A community engagement meeting will take place to discuss the proposed Narwhal’s & Loaded development.

The new development at 4014 Chouteau will be a new 7500 square foot, 2 story building and demolition of the existing building. The new building will be located closer to the intersection to open up and create a patio area on the west side of the site. The building will house two hospitality venues, Narwhal’s Crafted (bar specializing in frozen adult beverages) and Loaded (limited-service nacho restaurant). In addition to the interior spaces, the building will also feature generously sized second floor roof decks to take advantage of the downtown view to the east and the Grove neighborhood to the northwest. The existing site is improved by reducing curb cuts, eliminating vehicular traffic on site for guest safety, and working in collaboration with MSD’s Project Clear to keep more of the storm water on site to reduce impact on the public sewer system. The project development is not asking for any financial incentives or assistance for their property improvements.

Date: November 17, 2021
Time: 6:30 pm
For questions or feedback contact: