The Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Association is scheduled to host its second planned meeting about Lux Living’s proposed development on the former Drury properties along Kingshighway on Tuesday, October 19 at 6:30pm.

Meeting #1

At our first meeting in September, we hosted a community forum in which we requested Lux Living to present to the residents of the Forest Park Southeast and Kings Oak neighborhoods their proposed development on the former Drury properties along Kingshighway. The goals of this meeting were to listen to what was being proposed, ask constructive questions, gather all perspectives, and discuss our likes and our concerns about the proposal. We asked residents to focus their feedback on the proposal by thinking of how their experiences of the neighborhood be would affected by the development, and to think of what changes could be requested to ensure that those experiences were positive throughout the life of the development.

While many questions and concerns were answered and addressed during the meeting, some questions could not be completely answered, and some concerns remained.

To best ensure that the voices of our community members are heard and their questions and concerns addressed, the Association has sent Lux Living a summary of the questions/feedback we received at the first community engagement meeting (listed below) that need additional information/consideration. Additionally, we’ve requested the attendance of Vic and Sid of Lux Living, and have asked them to invite any relevant personnel (construction, design, property management etc) who would be helpful in addressing those questions and concerns.

Meeting #1 Feedback


  • This issue was very important to many people at the meeting. Neighbors requested a traffic study to understand how the additional traffic from the building will affect the surrounding streets. Chris stated that a traffic study had already been conducted. Please present the study outcomes and explain how traffic from the building will affect the surrounding residential streets.
  • A neighbor pointed out that the intersection at Oakland and Kingshighway does not allow a left turn from the southbound lanes, so moving the Oakland closure back might not be possible to relieve traffic concerns. If moving the barricade does not work out, are there alternate plans?
  • There was concern that parking beyond the provided parking spaces will overflow onto neighborhood streets, where there is already a shortage for parking due to local parking needs and the surrounding businesses (WashU/BJC medical complex). While the form-based code allows a maximum of one parking spot per unit, perhaps neighbor’s concerns can be assuaged by encouraging/incentivizing tenants to use public transit, which is close to this site
  • Residents requested that construction workers park elsewhere and be shuttled to the site due to the lack of parking availability on Arco and Oakland
  • Residents were worried that construction will negatively impact the surrounding environment, requested that construction be limited to workday hours (9 am to 5 pm) and for mitigation efforts to lessen the impact on the surrounding homes. Please elaborate on anticipated hours of construction.
  • Neighbors asked if the streets and alley surrounding the development can be repaved after construction is over to repair damage done by utility work and heavy construction equipment
  • Your tenants at 4565 Oakland and 4562 – 4570 Arco have been unable to reach you regarding property maintenance. They spoke with Julie Frady during the meeting, so she should have their information. We are hoping their issues can be addressed before the October 19th meeting.
  • There was additional concern from neighbors about Lux Living’s past issues with property maintenance, and whether Lux Living plans on selling the new building in the imminent future. More information would be helpful regarding these questions, including any specific changes that have been made to improve
  • Some neighbors asked if the building could fit in with the surrounding neighborhood aesthetic. Chris indicated that different color paneling might be a possibility. Is that possible, and what else can be done to tweak the design to compliment the surrounding environment?
  • On the same note, a resident wrote to us after the meeting. This resident was part of the process that wrote the Form-Based Code, and noted that the code states “The purpose of the Building Development Standards is to…ensure high quality construction…that will be cohesive with the historic context of the neighborhood.” (4.0 – 4.1) He added that notable buildings on Kingshighway include two churches and a temple, with most buildings having red brick. Would be interested to hear from the architect/developer on design choice and ability to make the building fit with the historical character of the surrounding buildings
  • Many residents expressed concern over the height of the building, even after being informed that the Form-Based Code allowed it. Multiple requests were made for the building to be 3 or 4 stories.
  • Neighbors requested a light and shade study to understand how the building will cast shadows during the day and effect light on that end of the neighborhood
  • A resident asked if the bus stop at that location will remain open during construction, and if the stop can be improved as part of the construction process. The stop is currently just a bench, but it could use cover, and could be another good way to address community concern about parking
  • A resident asked if a curb cut can be added along Kingshighway to allow for the bus to pull over next to the bus stop, making it safer for people to board
  • Neighbors asked if the building can provide additional security for the neighborhood, perhaps using cameras around the building that link into the Grove camera network (talk to Park Central Development about this)
  • Concerns about AirBnb were raised, and Chris explained that the deed prohibits AirBnB and short-term rentals on the properties. Please provide a copy of the deed and explain how this would be enforced
  • Neighbors asked if the amenities at the new building would be open to neighborhood residents, perhaps for a fee. Please let us know if you would be open to that and how that might work
  • More information was requested on possible rent prices for the building
  • Several residents asked if it was possible for this building to include affordable housing

Full minutes can be read here.

A PDF copy of the minutes can be found here.

Meeting #2

Our two goals for the next meeting are to:
  1. Focus on the unresolved questions from the first meeting.
  2. End the meeting with Lux having direction on solutions to consider in a proposal that incorporates feedback from the community.

How to Attend

You may attend in-person or online.

In-person: Those wishing to attend in-person must wear a mask. COVID-19 protocols will be in place. Location: Hot Java Bar, 4193 Manchester Ave, St. Louis, MO 63110

Online: Those wishing to attend via Zoom can use the web link or call in:


Phone: 312-626-6799
Meeting ID: 4096466928#


For any questions about the meeting, please send an email to

Additional Notes

Outreach & Notifications

Under our bylaws, much of our mission is to provide a neutral forum for discussions and to provide a place where information can be distributed, perspectives discussed, and community concerns collected and then communicated to elected officials and other organizations active in the neighborhood. 

The weeks prior to this meeting, we plan on distributing meeting flyers to the homes and apartments on the 4400 and 4500 blocks north of Manchester, the businesses along Manchester and Chouteau, and the Kings Oak neighborhood. Additional meeting notifications include the Event on our Facebook Page, our newsletter one week before the meeting, and this article.

For updates, please check back at or on our Facebook Event page: