In our March meeting, we motioned to approve last month’s bylaw changes, 2022 events, call for Dog Park Committee members and availability of Chouteau Garden beds, the and revival of the Infrastructure Committee.

FPSE Neighborhood Business

Community News and Updates (Michael Browning) 

  • Dog Park Committee
    • Michael called for Dog Park Committee members and volunteers and noted that the dog park is a fantastic community amenity
    • Those interested can email
    • Community member, Dani, noted that all committee members have relocated out of the neighborhood and encouraged both formal and informal participation
    • She reminded those interested that dog park volunteering is also a great resume builder!
    • Those interested can feel free to email or contact Dani with questions before emailing FPSE about volunteering
    • Community member, Dani, clarified that the Dog Park is not-for-profit and is funded by donations and sponsorships, with most dues spent on insurance and upkeep  
    • Community member, Allen, noted that the recent developments in Chouteau Park included better drainage to the dog park
  • Chouteau Garden Beds
    • Michael noted that garden beds are available
    • Community member, Julie, noted the full and half beds are available, beds have great soil and irrigation 
    • Those interested can email to request a tour of the garden 
    • Cost for renting beds is $25/full plot and $15/half plot
  • Block Captains

Amendments to the By-Laws (Michael Browning)

  • Michael reviewed what the board heard from the community and the proposed bylaw amendments:
  • Amendments to Article 1 change the word ‘neutral’ to ‘apolitical’ and clarify the goals of the board 
  • Amendments to Article 2 correct our neighborhood boundary, stretching south to Interstate 44
  • Amendments to Article 3 clarify that each person has one vote
  • Additional notes can be found in the previous two months’ meeting minutes 
  • Michael held a roll-call vote
    • JC Fick: Yes
    • Rachel: Yes
    • Aaron Bisch: Yes
    • Michael Browning: Yes
    • Dan: Yes
  • The proposed amendments to the by-laws passed with a board-vote of 5-0 
  • Later, community member Dan addressed concern about the ‘apolitical’ position of the Board, encouraging the Board to ‘take a position’ on things. 
  • Michael clarified that the intent of the language is keep the Board focused on the community, not politics 
  • Community member, Dan, asked that the Board not censor information and bring important developments to the neighborhood, including political developments 
  • Michael also clarified that this language opens the opportunity for the Board to articulate the community’s voice on issues through letters of support or opposition
  • Community Member, Dan, encouraged the Board to reconsider the word ‘apolitical’ to ensure that relevant policy can and will be discussed with the community 
  • Community member, Don, noted the city ward reduction as an example of a topic that should be discussed with the community 

Neighborhood Events (JC Fick)

  • Neighborhood clean ups: Clean ups will continue to be held each month. Clean ups start at 10:00 am and will include the Kings Oak Neighborhood. Details to follow regarding meeting location. Mark you calendar with the following dates: 
    • April 16
    • May 21
    • June 18
    • July 16
    • August 20
    • September 17
  • Neighborhood flower planting:
  • JC is working with new community businesses to coordinate neighborhood soft-opening events. Stay tuned for more information. 
  • Neighborhood Night Out will be September 3
  • JC is working with Forest ReLeaf and Ron Coleman to coordinate neighborhood tree planting. Stay tuned for more information. 
  • Community member, Dani, noted that community members can request tree plantings at Request for planting of a new city tree (
  • Dan clarified that Forest ReLeaf works with neighborhoods directly and saves the city the cost of planting trees 
  • Dan recommended identifying blocks for planting 
  • JC called for event committee members and volunteers. Those interested can email 
  • Community member, Allen, noted that in May or early June, with Alderwoman Pihl, an opening event will be held in Chouteau Park
  • Later Alderwoman Pihl continued that the focus of the event would be the basketball court’s opening and that planning would be the responsibility of the Infrastructure Committee (see additional discussion below)
  • Community members recommended a google calendar be used to communicate neighborhood events 

Treasurer’s Report (Rachel Siegert)

  • Rachel presented this month’s treasures report 
    • $150 revenue (membership dues)
    • $14.99 expenses (zoom fees) 
  • Dues can be paid by Cash App ($FPSENA)
  • Rachel noted there is still intent to file as a 501(c)(3) non-profit 

Crime and Safety Report (Officer Walker)

  • Officer Waker had no district updates or updates from our Detective Bureau
  • Officer Walker welcomed any questions or concerns. Community members can contact Officer Walker at or 314-444-0100

Ward 17 Updates (Alderwoman Pihl)

  • Infrastructure Committee
    • Community members Julie, Allan, Kelly, and Alderwoman Phil met to re-start the infrastructure committee
    • The committee is intended to be an aldermanic committee, rather than a committee of the neighborhood association 
      • Community members, Allen and Kelly have been appointed to co-chair the committee for the relaunch
    • There will be an online application for the 13-member committee
      • Committee members will be selected based on their address and location (both north and south of Manchester, and from the east and west of the neighborhood)
        • Community member, Dan, voiced concern about the selection process 
        • Alderwoman Pihl noted that she will share the specific selection criteria along with the the application 
        • Allen stressed the goal is involvement from our entire neighborhood 
        • One representative from the FPSENA board will be asked to sit on the committee 
    • Committee members will serve three-year terms 
    • Alderwoman Pihl directed community members to her website for further information and application 
    • Later, a more specific link was provided. Those interested can apply with the following link:
    • Alderwoman Pihl noted that $70,000 will be donated and available for Chouteau Park 
      • Earlier, Allan noted that a gazebo or pavilion are most likely (similar to Tower Grove Park) 
      • Allen added that additional signage for the park could be beneficial 
    • Community member, Don, encouraged the committee to revisit the form-based code and reconsider the location of four-story buildings 
    • Alderwoman Pihl shared the completed projects from 2021, including approximately $119,000 in infrastructure improvements, such as the Chouteau Park Basketball Courts, ADA sidewalk ramps, and repairs. 
      • Boyle was also re-paved from Papin to Vandeventer 
        • Alderwoman Pihl noted that approximately two or three major pavings are available each year 
    • This year (2022) there is approximately $230,000 available for infrastructure improvements in the ward. 
      • The infrastructure committee will decide how this money is spent 
    • Community member, Don, asked how the ½ cent sales tax money can be spent 
  • Alderwoman Pihl shared information about an upcoming community engagement meeting in CWE regarding the new Albion tower development at the corner of Lindell and Kingshighway 
  • Alderwomen Pihl noted that the City is offering bonuses for new trash/recycling drivers 
    • There are 55 routes in the city, but approximately 40 staff members currently 
    • The Board of Alderpeople has proposed legislation to suspend the city recycling fee
    • More information can be found at Saint Louis City Recycles – Small Steps. BIG IMPACT. ( 
    • Alderwoman Pihl later confirmed that, while the city required a CDL permit to be hired, applicants have a 6 month working rest period to obtain the actual license and will receive training from the city. 
  • Community member, Ron, asked for an update on the Lux Living development and noted significant trash build-up on the property 
    • Alderwoman Pihl noted that she is still working with Lux Living to relocate the development’s entry from Kingshighway and updated setback requirements 

8:10 Meeting Called to close (Michael Browning)

You can download a copy of the minutes below.

You can listen to March’s meeting below, and wherever you listen to your podcasts.