In this meeting we hear from Andrew Weil of Landmarks Association of St. Louis, the about plans for a pavilion at Chouteau Park, and upcoming events in the neighborhood.

Crime and Safety Report (Officer Walker)

  • More officers will attend future meetings.
  • Most crime during previous months is along Manchester Ave & porch thefts.
    • Three stolen cars.
    • There are pending cases from burglary arrests.

Ward Updates (Michael Browning, Alderman)

  • Please report issues to the Citizens Service Bureau
    • Fastest way to get a response and something done
    • Has built-in quality control.
    • Issues can be tracked.
    • Submitting pictures and providing exact location if possible.
  • Board of Alderman
    • Had the first meeting & passed a set of rules to improve services to the city.

Guest Speaker (Andrew Weil, Executive Director of Landmarks Association of St. Louis)

  • Association was founded in 1959 and worked on application to put portions of Forest Park Southeast on the National Register. 
  • There is a difference between local and national historic districts.
    • Local districts and created by city ordinances and controlled by Cultural Resources Office.
    • National districts are only regulated when using historic tax credits as financial incentives (controlled by the state or National Park Service depending on the type of project).
  • Provides free educational programs for schools and kids.
  • May is national preservation month.
  • The association has a young friends group called the “Landmarks Urbanites” for local events, gatherings, and volunteering.
  • Anyone can join the association to become a member ($45/year) to become an advocate for preservation.

Treasurer’s Report (Cammie Lewis, FPSE NA Treasurer)

  • Zoom fee increase by $1.
  • $180 in dues received in March/April
  • Pay dues with CashApp / Check / Cash

Infrastructure Committee

  • Chouteau Park pavilion
    • Approx. 20’x20’, blue color, octagonal in shape with “duo-top” roof.
    • To be located adjacent to playground
    • Currently coordinating with the Parks Department.

Development Review Committee

  • No new project updates.

Speaker: Trish Curtis

  • Founder of City Garden Montessori school
  • Currently operates Forest Park Montessori School in Saint Louis in the Shaw neighborhood.
  • Currently looking for a new location.
    • Wants to be 2-3 miles within the Compton Hill Water Tower on Grand Blvd.
    • Looking to rent a property.
    • A church building could be an ideal building for adaptive reuse.
    • Contact Trish:

Community updates and news:

  • Park Central “stay in place” program.
  • Neighborhood cleanups:  4th Saturday of each month.  Meet at Chouteau and Taylor.  Bags & gloves provided. 
  • Flower planing: Saturday May 13th – 10am (meet Tower Grove & Gibson).
  • De-volcano mulching: Wednesday April 26th – 6pm (meet Newstead & Norfolk).
  • Tree planting – Fall (dates TBD).
  • Neighborhood Night Out – September 9th (location TBD).

You can download a copy of this meeting’s minutes below.

You can also listen to April’s meeting below, and wherever you get your podcasts.