In this meeting we discuss Trash for Trees and St. Louis Neighborhood Trash Pick Ups, updates from the infrastructure committee, parking district updates (permits re-starting soon!), and more!

Crime and Safety Report (Officer Walker)

  • Catalytic Converters are still being stolen.
  • Garage break ins
  • House break-ins
  • Kias/Hyundais are still getting stolen.
  • 13xx Boyle there have been issues with neighbors.

Ward Updates (Tina (Sweet-T) Phil, Ward 17 Alderwoman)

  • April 4th ballot – Proposition C
    • If passed, it creates a commission to review and update the city’s charter.
    • The city’s current charter was made in 1914, and no comprehensive updates have been made since then.
    • Commission will consist of 9 nominees – 3 each from north, central and south St. Louis City.
    • The Commission will also consist of 7 at large non-voting advisory experts.
    • If passed, applications open for 50 days to become charter commission members.
      • Please see website for more details
    • Charter commission to be reviewed every 10 years.

Neighborhood Updates (Ron Coleman, Neighborhood Liaison)

  • Forestry Department
    • 100 trees to be planted in the ward, more than half in FPSE.
    • If want a new tree in front of your home, contact Ron or Citizen Service Bureau
    • Question: what are you doing to cut the dead trees down?  
    • Answer: Forestry is behind and working through a list of most dangerous trees in pedestrian areas.  Most dead trees are on the list and waiting.  Please contact Ron and provide an address if you have concerns about a specific tree.
    • Dan: Is there a map online where street trees will be planted?  
      • Ron sent a list to NA.
  • Grove CID is working on cross walks on side streets.
  • Parking Districts: 
    • The process is not currently working, and the plan is to have a process set up to review permits within a month.  
    • Permits will be $40 a car.  
    • Tickets should be being issued – please contact Ron if you get a ticket to have the ticket voided.
    • Additional comments from Adam Layne (city treasurer): 
    • About a month or less to get parking permits up and running.  
    • Once the infrastructure is set up, parking permits should be issued within the same week of application submission.
    • Applications will be available for processing via the internet, but there will also be a call-in line.  
    • Dan: Will there be a forgiveness period after enrollment starts?
    • Answer: yes, there will be about a month to work out the bugs in the system and no backtracking.  
  • Damaged dumpsters are currently being replaced. 
  • City/summer jobs available.  Lifeguards, teachers, and bus drives available.  See website:
  • Aaron Bisch comment regarding previous issues with the small overflowing public trash cans:  those trash cans have been well maintained since – thanks Ron!

Treasurer’s Report (Cammie Lewis, FPSE NA Treasurer)

  • Only recent activity: $14.99 zoom fee
  • Dues started in January – please pay what you can (cash app or cash/check).

Pam Ross (candidate speaker running for Community College Board of Trustees)

  • 3 main reasons for running:
    • Get students who dropped out because of the pandemic back in college.
    • Provide resources and funds for student emergencies and general needs.
    • Spend more time in public speaking about short time programs to get people back to work (such as truck driving Boeing programs).

Infrastructure Committee

Development Review Committee

  • No new project updates.

New businesses in the neighborhood:

  • STL Makers (4304 Manchester Ave)
  • Bootleggin’ Tavern (4501 Chouteau Ave)

Community updates and news:

  • There are three Stay-in-place programs in the neighborhood.  Please contact Park Central ( to determine eligibility (requires covid impact statement).
  • Neighborhood cleanups are back on:  4th Saturday of each month.  Meet at Chouteau and Taylor

Guest speaker: Aaron Dohogne, Trash for Trees

  • Trash for Trees = picking up trash and planting trees, 
  • The goal in FPSE is to pick up 12,000 pieces of trash.
  • There will be local sponsors.
  • See FPSE NA facebook page for details:
  • Need people to accept trees (one tree per property, trees are native, planting will take place in October).  
  • Contact Aaron with questions (
  • Question: is there a prize for overall winner?
    • No not yet but working on having a party at the end for everyone.

Guest speaker:  Sophia Garcia, SLDC Neighborhood Manager

  • Part of the new neighborhood transformation team (10 managers total).
  • Job is to support businesses, residents and community partners.
  • SLDC wants neighborhoods to have a plan.
  • FPSE plan already in action 
  • Works closely with CDA to connect groups with funding.
  • Dan: have you made any development contacts?
  • Only point of contact at this point is with Park Central and FPSE NA
  • Email:

Future neighborhood meeting speakers:

  • Andrew Wiel:  Executive Director of Landmarks Association of St. Louis
  • Michael Allen:  St. Louis Preservation Board member, professor of history @ WashU

You can download a copy of this meeting’s minutes below.

You can also listen to March’s meeting below, and wherever you get your podcasts.