19 March 2020 


There was no March 2020 meeting. However, below are the updates for March along with a couple notes on community efforts and resources to get through this difficult time.
Crime and Safety
You can find Wash U. Medical Center Redevelopment Corporation’s monthly crime report for the neighborhood here.
Treasurer’s Report
Elections for Treasurer
Nominees and voting for Treasurer will now be at the next meeting. If you like managing a budget and want to get more involved in the neighborhood, please join our April meeting!
Hospitality Committee Members Needed
Send us a message if your friends think you plan awesome events. We think you’d be a great member on our Hospitality Committee.
Census 2020
Neighbors should expect postcards in the mail this week or next to complete the Census.  The 2020 Census is our chance to make sure the hard-earned tax dollars we send to D.C. make their way back to Missouri. For every adult and every child that is not counted in the Census, our state will lose $1,300 in federal dollars every year. When every Missourian is counted, we get more money for roads and bridges, hospitals, and schools. Respond to the 2020 Census today at www.my2020census.gov . Find common answers to Census questions at Census 2020 FAQ.
Drury Update
We passed all the comments from our January meeting to Alderman Roddy and Drury, and met to discuss communication with the NA. Drury is now working on putting together a proposal for a planning process. There are also several neighborhood organizations meeting to discuss a possible Drury development to ensure engagement is comprehensive.
The COVID-19 pandemic is a serious and rapidly evolving situation. For the latest updates, visit City of St Louis Health Department or CDC. Here are the latest recommendations from the City of St Louis on social distancing and hygiene practices we can all implement now. The most recent message from the World Health Organization: ” COVID-19 is a serious disease, it’s the defining global health crisis of our time. That’s why we are calling on every individual to do everything they can to help us stop the transmission.”
  • Restaurants and Multiple Organizations are raising funds to support the service industry workers affected by this pandemic. All money raised goes toward preparing meals everyday until they are back to work. To donate: http://goodforthegrove.org/.
  • Please shoot us a message if you know of a resource that can help those in need, or, are someone in need who is looking for help. We are in contact with multiple community organizations and hope to help connect needs with resources.
We hope everyone is staying healthy.

You can download this month’s update below.