This month we held a community discussion on the experiences and concerns of walking, biking and driving along the stretch of Kingshighway that borders Forest Park Southeast and Kings Oak. We also had Ward, Infrastructure and Development updates

FPSE Neighborhood Business

Treasurer’s Report (Cammie Lewis Holiday)

  • Cammie shared this month’s treasurers income and expenses
  • Anyone interested in becoming a member can contribute dues at$FPSENA or email

Guest Speakers

Ward Updates (Tina Pihl)

  • Alderwoman Pihl noted that trash is being picked up once a week (or twice in some areas) and encouraged anyone who has issues with trash to contact her directly at
  • Bulk pick-ups should still be once-a-month.
  • In August the city had 35 drivers and 36 trucks, but experiences problems with equipment, which delayed some pick up.
  • Contractors have been hired to assist in public grass cutting
  • Alderwoman Pihl called for two neighborhood members to sit on the citizen advisory committee for capital expenditures, which reviews funding for city-wide infrastructure needs. Those interested should contact the Alderwoman at
  • Alderwoman Pihl has solicited a study of Kingshighway from Lindell to Highway 44. Scoping meeting was held on August 30th.
  • Copper theft has become an issue in The Ward. Alderwoman Pihl will be rolling out an engagement campaign.
  • The Alderwoman shared an update on the BJC Campus Renewal Project, including the relocation of the garage’s pedestrian bridge and generators along Kingshighway.
  • Cortex received the TIF money they applied for in a vote of 4-2-1. Alderwoman Pihl is working to add inclusive housing to the project scope.
  • All are welcome to the monthly 17th Ward meeting on the second Wednesday of the month at 6:30pm.
  • Alderwoman Pihl is looking to create a parking district in the North-West corner of the neighborhood. Parking districts require Board Bills.
  • Please reach out with any support of parking districts.
  • A community member suggested WashU/BJC send out an employee-wide email to discourage parking in the FPSE neighborhood.
  • A community member encouraged all to consider the alternative before rushing to form a parking district.
  • A community member with a deep understanding of the issue noted that past districts haven’t paid for their tags or been enforced.

Crime & Safety

Crime and Safety Report (Officer Walker)

  • Officer Walker reminded the community that we have a new captain.
  • FPSE remains a ‘mission area.’
  • Over 400+ calls were reported this month (135 of these are from the officers doing direct patrols).
  • Email is the best form of communication for Officer Walker;
  • Officer Walker stressed the importance of gun lockers for vehicles. Two to three guns are stolen from vehicles every weekend in The Grove area.

Aldermanic Committee Updates

Infrastructure Committee (Cammie Lewis Holiday)

  • The committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 5:30pm at Remedy Church (4372 Vista). Meetings are open to the public.
  • Anyone interested in the committee is encouraged to apply online: Forest Park Southeast Infrastructure Committee Application (
  • Last month the committee discussed the alley behind 4400 Norfolk and Vista and Chouteau Park’s dedication and masterplan.
  • Any questions about the committee can be sent to

Development Review Committee (Aaron Bisch)

  • The committee meets on the 4th Tuesday of each month at 7:00pm at Remedy Church (4372 Vista). Developer presentations are open to the public. There are no developments on the agenda for this month.
  • Anyone interested in the committee is encouraged to apply online: Forest Park Southeast Development Review Committee Application (
  • Any questions about the committee can be sent to


S. Kingshighway Safety Improvement Discussion (Community)

  • In support of the Alderwoman’s Kingshighway study, Dan, Michael, and Aaron facilitated an idea-sharing session to collect community feedback on the stretch of Kingshighway that borders our neighborhood.
  • Community members shared countless comments about pedestrian safety, vehicular speed, and street design.
  • Comments were collected and sent to the Alderwoman and can be viewed below and downloaded here.

You can download a copy of the minutes below.

You can listen to September’s meeting below, and wherever you listen to your podcasts.